Infiniti to Rename Entire Lineup Q or QX


Infiniti, one of the last luxury holdouts to have model numbers that actually indicate engine size — as opposed to BMW, Mercedes and Lexus — will rename its entire lineup using Q or QX monikers starting with the 2014 model year.

Luxury brands like Volvo, Audi and Lincoln have similar conventions; Infiniti President Johan de Nysschen headed up Audi of America until last spring. Citing the need for "a new identity and direction to promote consumer familiarity with our model range as we expand the portfolio," he laid out plans to begin the shift "in logical stages" starting with the 2014 model year.

Among Infiniti's SUVs, the EX35 becomes the QX50, the JX35 will be the QX60, the FX35/50 will be the QX70 and the QX56 will be the QX80.

Among the brand's cars, the G25/37 sedan becomes the Q50, which debuts in redesigned form at next month's Detroit auto show. It’s essentially the next G with a new name. The G37 coupe and convertible become the Q60, and the M37/56 becomes the Q70.

It's a bizarre shift, to say the least. When Lincoln adopted its MK-prefixed lineup, we called foul — though in fairness to Infiniti, Lincoln earned our ire because it did that from heritage-rich names like Zephyr and Aviator. Infiniti's alphabet switcheroo does away with no actual names.

"It's a little bit difficult to swallow," Infiniti spokesman Kyle Bazemore admitted, "but it makes a lot of sense."

"All our model names are basically based on engine displacement," Bazemore told us. "The problem is what happens when we have smaller displacement" with turbochargers or superchargers, as many European automakers have done.

"In the future, a G37 might become a G30, a G20, whatever … [but] it's a downgrade in consumers mind. As we're trying to upgrade ourselves and trying to be more of a premium brand, that's not something that consumers are wanting to do."

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Well there's no question that the new G sedan will have turbo/supercharged motors now. They even said the engine size - same as BMW's cars. If they can get the interior down right, and abstain from making the sheet metal look like an ocean, I might choose this over the 3 series.


Well, if the engine displacement is the case, why not just call the G37 coupe/sedan just the G or the M37/M56 an M, like what BMW does except BMW uses numbers and Infiniti uses letters.


I prefer the current naming system. It's very easy to differentiate between models.


he sound of QX80 doesnt sound right. And they should name the cars with G. I think the G sounds the best


This is stupid. I'm very informed as far as cars go, but I still can't remember which Volvo model is which. Now Infiniti adopts the same silly nomenclature. I believe in truth in naming, where the name reflects engine size and body configuration, and actually means something.
Bad idea Infiniti. This only confuses things.

Derrick G

If you have to print up a score card to go with's a bad idea.


Infiniti is taking the whole Q engine thing a little to far. They should have named all the suvs/crossovers 'Q' and the cars 'G'.


WELL there is only room for a "G" I agree all cars should be "G" all suv's "Q"


I think they should have just added a Zero to its current name. G200 G3700 and so on!


Why not shake things up and give vehicles an actual name? These "new" marketing execs figure that BMW and Mercedes in the past sold more luxury cars in the past than anyone else besides Lexus because the short alphanumeric name made owners recognize the brand name. Owners bought them because they were good or great cars and had heritage. After Acura killed the Legend/Integra names, at least they had enough since to remove the numbering from their models (ex. 3.2TL to TL). As in other comments, they should have left the alpha naming except for maybe the M (BMW lawyers would be filing suits like they used to do with Pontiac grilles)


I wonder what audi thinks. They have the Q7 and infiniti will have the Q70 and Q50.


@Carma...Audi didn't say anything when Volvo had the S40, S60, and S80 (Audi S4, S6, S8). Audi customers are smarted than that (I guess...)


@Jay yes we are


I guess audi can't complain- infiniti has used the "Q" moniker since 1990 (Q 45)

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