Infiniti Releases Q50 Teaser Video

In celebration of hitting a million Facebook fans, Infiniti released a 28-second teaser of its upcoming Q50 sedan. The replacement for the current G37. Complete with all the musical buildup of a sci-fi trailer, the teaser depicts an adaptive headlight bezel and what appears to be an LED daytime running light. We like the look, which adopts continuous LED light pipes instead of the jeweled LEDs that brands from Smart to Lexus employ. Unfortunately, that's about all we get to see.

Halfway through the teaser, the Q50's engine revs, and the ominous soundtrack builds to a scene of Sigourney Weaver tearing down a hallway full of flesh-eating aliens. OK, that doesn't really happen. But the engine sounds good — as distinctive as the howl from original G35's VQ-series V-6.

Infiniti, Nissan's luxury division, announced earlier this month that it would rename all its cars and SUVs using the Q and QX prefix, respectively. It was a bizarre, unexpected move that led Infiniti president Johan de Nysschen to admit that "no one likes the change," but Infiniti's current nomenclature threatens to become too confusing as the brand expands.

The all-new Q50 will debut at the Detroit auto show on Jan. 14. We'll report full details as they become available. Check out the teaser video below. Spoiler alert: There are no aliens.

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The engine sounds like a messed-up blender.


Infiniti's bread and butter is the G and they have built up a lot of name recognition and brand equity in that. I think this renaming is a mistake because people may think they stopped making the G.

@Parrots: it's either you have one badass blender, or you need to get your hearing checked... make that a new year resolution.
@skippydog: I understand your point, but almost all luxury brands at one point or another changed your model names - Audi 90 / 100 to A4 / A6 respectively; Mercedes Benz 500SEL to S-Class (same for the lower trims); Volvo 240/740 etc. to S40/S60/S80; Acura Legend to RL and then to RLX. Change is always constant, what we have to wait and see is the way that they would market these new model names... hope they won't mess up like back in 1989.

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