Chrysler Offers VW Drivers $1K Cash Bonus


Chrysler is taking aim at Volkswagen with a $1,000 "conquest bonus" offered to all current owners or lessees of VW vehicles.

The bonus-cash deal applies to the purchase or lease of select new 2012 or 2013 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram or Fiat vehicles, according to Chrysler. Customers are not required to trade in their current VW to qualify, but must show their current lease agreement or registration, Chrysler stated. The $1,000 cash allowance is available through Jan. 2.

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One maintenance heavy car for another?

Agent Mike

One poorly built car for another poorly built car..


i doubt any of you has even owned a Audi or VW. there cars are actually well built. most of their cars are built so stringently that unless you were to follow all the instructions on the maintenance, your car would have shoddy reliability. And i do believe that this is the first kind of incentive aimed at another car manufacturer????


@Audi you couldn't give me a VW product out of warranty. As a car dealer there aren't many products I dread having more.


@audi that's partially true. If you take care of them (right gas, oil, services, etc) they're actually pretty reliable. I have a jetta that's crap because the previous owner put in all the wrong fluids but I have a friend whose had the same car since new with almost no problems. However they're still going to have more little problems then other cars no matter what. Even if they're not a big deal people will still whine about them however


Since mid-1990's, I have owned 3 VW's (for about 100,000 miles each) with a total of 1 out of warranty failure - an O2 sensor... most modern cars are reasonably reliable; however, my last Ford racked up $6000 in repairs between 60,000 and 80,000 miles, so there are still lemons...


gee i dont know i ve driven nothing but vws and audis for years ,most of mine see about 300,000 miles on them, yeah they need maintance ,like any car ,but the only cars ive had nothings but issues with where ford,and chrysler ,both had major problems before 5,000 miles ,and a company that didnt want to stand behind them , i wouldnt take 5,000 bucks to trade my 97 jetta tdi in on a new chrysler


After working at a European car dealership and seeing how many VW's/Audi's come in with expensive repairs and how fast they seem to degrade (plastics, lights, so on), you couldn't pay me to own one.


I'm going to trade my Audi in for a jeep. I can't wait. I hate all the proprietary tools I need to buy to "maintain" my finely German engineered vehicle. I'll still have a German transmission in the jeep when I get it. I've showered my Audi with regular and extra preventative maintenance. And all it does is break my heart every 3-6 months with broken parts.


My dad owns a two body shops and a mechanical repair shop, and let me tell you there are far more toyotas, chevys, chryslers, landrovers, volvos, and mercedes then there has been VW and Audis'. i feel be fair in saying that when an audi does occaisonally come in its a larger job and more costly but also that car is beaten down and not cared for at all. I have an audi and it burns oil but the cars previous owner didnt drive the car for six years! it just sat in the chicago weather for six years. My point is any car can be relaible as long as you care for it, some do come out as lemons but not all VWs and Audis are


Well i looked through the Chrysler web page and they don't make any car I would even trade for my old used german built Passat. The only exception would be if they would trade me, then I could sell the Chrysler and buy my own car back off the used car lot. I still get over 30mpg, accelerate faster 0-60 than most family sedans (I did replace the turbo with an upgraded one at 224,000 miles) and can have a great ride and performance with a manual transmission. Chrysler does not build a similar replacement vehicle. I've tried the "automanual" transmissions and they all stink, even the Audi/VW DSG and the BMW version.
Do you really think a new chrysler would last 230,000 miles without major repairs?
My next car will be an all wheel drive mid sized sedan (I live in Colorado) with a manual transmission (my preference)and a turbo Diesel or Turbo gas motor(again, I live in Colorado, altitude) I have only found a few in existence in the US. The BMW 335ix, and possibly the Audi A4, but it's a bit small. I can't stand Subaru's, they are always in the left lane going too slow.


I had a Passat for eleven years. It was probably the best car I've ever owned. And I've purchased a lot of new cars, of many makes, over the years.
I now have a Jetta TDI Sportwagen, and wouldn't trade it for a Chrysler product. I recently bought a Ford Super Duty truck because I felt the Ram was lacking by comparison.
Take care of your VW and it will take care of you. Maintenance is the key to making any vehicle last.

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