Honda Dominates's 2012 Face-offs


Pitted against competitors in three of the most bustling auto-sales segments today, Honda prevailed in's 2012 head-to-head face-offs, emerging as the last brand standing. The 2013 Honda Accord, 2012 Honda Fit and 2012 Honda CR-V earned the automaker a flawless victory in's trio of challenges, including the $26,000 midsize-sedan, $16,000 subcompact and $25,000 compact-SUV challenges. In each face-off, judged by a panel of five experts plus a real-world family, Honda averaged a nearly 26-point lead over the runner-up, including a very narrow nine-point lead in the competitive midsize-sedan showdown.

Check out the links below to revisit the scores of's 2012 faceoffs:

$16,000 Subcompact Shootout: Overview
$25,000 Compact SUV Shootout: Overview
$26,000 Midsize Sedan Shootout: Overview



i will take chevy sonic any day over fit, which delivers 138 hp compare to fit's 117 hp any day, don't need any body's biased advice.


I've driven both extensively and the Fit is a much better car.

mike h

I think you could have made an argument that the Accord or the CRV is not the best. But it hard to argue that the Fit is not the best of that segment of cars.

Regi Gist

For me, the Accord is the easy choice amongst midsizers. Give me the Sport 6MT (but add a Sunroof!)

Crossovers, my top choices are Escape and CX-5.

Subcompacts, Sonic gets the nod from me, then Fiesta. Fit looks dated, its interior IMO is ugly and it lacks the content of the Sonic and Fiesta.


The hard numbers:
Sonic: 75,257
Fiesta: 51,163
Fit: 45,666
Yaris: 28,590

John DiPietro, Automotive Editor.

So biased advice really don't fool people. the sales figure says all....
check the url your self.


So you are saying that the highest sales means it's the best car? That's ridiculous. If that were true then the Camry and the Corolla are the best cars in their segments just because they are #1 in sales.

Face it, you're the biased one.


Lance, don't worry he knows about the fleet sales.


I travel a lot and see plenty of rental Sonic's and think it's a pretty good car. I've never seen or had a Honda Fit rental but one of my colleagues bought one and she reports to really like it.



Please point out specific thing in the comparison where the editors were being biased. Just because they chose the Fit over the Sonic and the Sonic had more power doesn't automatically make them biased! There are reasons to buy a car other than horsepower!

This is such a wonderful car that can't be explain by the words. Really superb features and ultimate looks. That's why i like Honda the most.

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