What to Do If You Own an Affected Hyundai, Kia


We reported this morning that Hyundai and Kia are revising gas mileage ratings for nearly 900,000 vehicles from the 2011 through 2013 model years — about a third of the cars sold by the affiliated Korean automakers over that range. 

What does it mean to you if you own one of the affected cars? We just got off the line with Hyundai and Kia officials, and here are some answers:

How will I be reimbursed?
Hyundai and Kia will mail debit cards to affected consumers based on three factors: how many miles you've driven, the difference in combined EPA mileage between the re-rated numbers and the figures on your original window sticker, and the price of gas in your geographic region. Hyundai and Kia created websites — HyundaiMPGinfo.com and KiaMPGinfo.com — where you can register by Dec. 1, 2013, to receive compensation.

When does the program begin?
Kia marketing chief Michael Sprague told reporters the reimbursement calculator on KiaMPGinfo.com and HyundaiMPGinfo.com should be up by Saturday, Nov. 3. "By mid-next week or late next week, everything should be ready for people go to their dealerships," he said.

I don't have my original window sticker anymore. How do I know what my original mileage is?
Hyundai/Kia and the EPA have documented the figures. We report them here.
How much will I be reimbursed?
It depends how many miles you drive and have driven. Sprague said you'll need to visit your nearest Kia or Hyundai dealership for an odometer reading, which will factor into how much extra gas you've had to buy because of the faulty mileage ratings. Hyundai/Kia will use geographically centered fuel prices from eight U.S. regions and the Energy Information Administration's fuel-price indexes.

For example, let’s say you bought a new 2012 Hyundai Elantra in January in California. Since then, you've driven 15,000 miles.

  • The original combined EPA city/highway mileage was 33 mpg. The revised EPA mileage is 32 mpg. Because of that, you've bought 468.8 gallons of gas instead of a hypothetically budgeted 454.5.
  • The difference — 14.3 gallons — is calculated against the EIA's California average, $3.83 per gallon. That's $54.77.
  • Hyundai/Kia will then add a "15% inconvenience bonus," Hyundai Motor of America CEO John Krafcik said. So the automaker would issue you a debit card for $62.99.

What if I bought a Hyundai that recommends premium gas, like the Genesis sedan? Will I be reimbursed at the rate for premium?

What if I sold my affected Hyundai?
You'll need to present your bill of sale, which usually will show mileage, Krafcik said. Hyundai/Kia will use that to indicate how many miles you drove, and reimbursement will be calculated accordingly.

Does the reimbursement continue as long as I own the car?
Yes. If you own an affected Hyundai, you can visit your dealership for periodic odometer readings, and they'll load more money on your debit card. "It's completely flexible," Krafcik said. "For example, if a customer was a high-mileage customer who drove 10,000 miles a month, they could come in on a monthly basis or a weekly basis to get their mileage [calculated].”

What if I bought a used Hyundai/Kia that was affected?
Hyundai and Kia officials tell us you're still eligible to receive the debit card if you bought it before today's announcement. We assume you'll need the bill of sale to show mileage at the time of purchase. Those who buy a used Hyundai or Kia after today's announcement are ineligible.

What if I bought an affected Hyundai or Kia and moved to another part of the country? Will Hyundai/Kia reimburse me using gas prices from where I currently live or where I bought the car?
From where you currently live, a Hyundai spokesman said.

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My son and I both bought brand new 2011's as we were told the mileage was better than the 2007 Honda's we owned. We have both noticed a huge difference and my son has stopped his road trips as he has been spending a lot more in gas. Guess we weren't crazy!


So basically I get completely screwed because I purchased a 2013?!?!? They should send the money on the expected life of the car, using the estimate that was on the sticker. You can bet I'll be calling and complaining about this.


@ Eugene, you WILL be reimbursed for every mile you drive as long as you own your vehicle, but it'll only be the difference they lied about. I think they are all liars. I guarantee the makers of Kia knew they were falsely advertising. This is a serious offense and they should have to pay more than what they are paying. We bought our Kia Soul mainly for the mpg that was noted on the sticker window, and now to find out they were falsely advertising by 6 miles is unacceptable. I see a class-action in the very near future, and I'm sure some of these car owners will even hire private lawyers. I don't think you can put a price on honesty...these big companies make me sick!!!!!

Fed up

This company is missing the whole point of honesty and hard working people spending money on vehicles that were lied about. What a joke. Yea, you will pay back a cheap price to us car owners for mpg used, but what about the reinbursement for lying to us??? Yea, go figure that one out and offer us more money! We deserve it and you can afford it!!


So does that mean someone own a Hyundai/Kia vehicle, they will get a debit card once in a while since they are still being scammed from day 1?

Raymond Boettner

I wonder who KIA paid to pull this off??? The adjustment should be 5-6 MPG. I own a 2011 Sorento withn a 4 cyl. & started complaining about the MPG after 2 weeks. At one point, KIA even offered to send me $200.00 which I refused - I asked if they would send me one a month & they hung up on me. The posted mileage on my sticker is so far off, the only way this thing could achieve it would be on the back of a tow truck. Nice job legal people, left the big guy win again. 1, ONE lousy MPG, are you nuts??? Why even bother. I'll go Toyota next time.

Raymond Boettner

PS >>>> Also, I used my REAL name because I want them to know who I am and I wanted to say that I regret that I did not take their $200.00. I think I would be feeling better right about now. That's a lot more than I'll get from this. I'll bet all the attorneys are smiling though.

Jeff Davis

I bought a 2012 Kia Forte in Leesburg, Florida in August 2011 soley because of the sticker mpg rating that said 36-42 mpg. I thought that would surely mean somewhere near the top rated figure at some point. Unlike my past Toyotas that all got the excellent mileage the rating on the sticker had shown. Not so with my Kia. I have been tempted over the past year to write some local newspaper editorials to warn people about buying Kia's because the ratings weren't true. We'll hallelujah, they were found out and we will be reimbursed for their dishonesty. I won't buy one again. I'll go back to Toyota. My next concern is when we pump gas. You won 't hear the gas flow until you see 25-35 cents ring up on the pump. I've noticed that in the past year also. Hopefully our auditors will get onto that soon. Listen for that when you pump your next tank of fuel.


Your mileage may vary.
caveat emptor
Inflate your tires.
GM did this for years with the Cadillac Seville/Deville, yet no one complained.


I did a ton of research online when i was looking to take on a second payment because i needed something better to commute 120 miles a day and would have def not purchased my 2012 RIO if i knew it was not in the same class as the other cars i was looking at. I guess i am now stuck with a car that does not do what it said. Figures


Am I the only one not whining about this?!? I bought my '12 Rio 5 (and the sticker had nothing to do with it) one year 15 days ago, and have put nearly 27,000 miles on it. Without going into too much detail, I really have no complaints about my mileage. I do know one thing, though...if you have a heavy foot, and/or drive cross-country at 70mph or above, you will get sh*tty mileage. So whine all you want. I'll be getting $200 in free money AND drive a car I love.

john, st charles

i really do like my 2013 kia ,soul,,but the mpg was one of the reasons that i bought my car,,,i;am disappointed in the less mileage that i;am getting...

Sorento Owner

Raymond Boettner,
I agree with you. The actual mileage that I get out of my 2012 Sorento is at least 4 miles less than advertised. I have tried and tried again to try to make it go higher but to no avail. Some things that I’ve tried/considered are: making sure tire pressure is adequate, considered miles driven - city vs highway (my daily commute is 95% highway), tried not using breaks much (which I wouldn’t recommend but I could do this due to the highway commute), Push gas pedal gradually when accelerating and let it pick up speed at its own pace; without “stepping on it” (this is frustrating since it doesn’t have much horsepower but I would put up with anything to try to bring the MPG up)… as I said, none of these worked and I was still 4+ miles short when all said and done.
I hope that there is further investigation in to this matter as I don’t believe that their adjustments are accurate either.

Jonathan W.

I have a 2012 Kia Soul which was adjusted by about 6 MPG. I did a ton of research BEFORE I bought the car and knew it's MPG wasn't the advertised 32 MPG, but the realistic 27 MPG. I'm not mad about this at all. Heck, I see it as "free money" for the rest of my car's life.

Lesson of this story? Do your research before you buy a new car! It's not hard! Spend a month researching cars before you slap down thousands.


How come my 2011 Sorento 4cycle 2wd is not included in this? Purchased new and have never got predicted gas mileage. I would surely sell it back to them.

Ryan Stinson

I'm so pissed off I bought a Kia sorento. I should have gotten a Prius V. The only reason I went with Kia instead was that they advertised the highest MPG with third row seating. F--- Kia! Their adjusted MPG is still higher that what I get while coasting down hill in neutral with the wind at my back. I don't just want a debit card, I want them to take the car back! Does anyone know if that is possible?

richard slojowski

take the car back


They knew about this many months ago, in fact I read about it in Car & Driver & Motor Trend mags this past summer, granted the cars come from Korea with the window stickers on them but the liar's that run the dealerships should have put revised stickers on & the salesmen shold have told the customers, I think they should give each owner a free tank of gas each & every month they own the car, they've lost me as a customer thats for sure !!!bunch of lyin thievein, ( well you all know what they are ) !!!

dale faubel

I have complained about the milage on my soronto. I purchased the four cylinder motor with the new style fuel injection because I was told that I wouild receive great milage. The service dept; told me thert was nothing they could do. That means that I'm stuck with a four cylinder motor that dosn't save fuel. If I had known I woulf of purchased a six cylinder auto

Jeana Reisig

I too would take my 2013 Sorento back. I loved our 2002 Sedona, but the Sorento's poor mileage is a deal-breaker. I hope there are some options here.

Marg Illman

We purchased a new 2010 Hyundai Tuscon and it just eats gas. We drive our 2004 Pontiac Sunfire because we get much better gas mileage. I find out the 2010 Tuscon doesnt qualify for the rebate. This is not fair. I will never buy a gas eating Tuscon again.


I have a 2011 Tuscon that eats gas. From month one I said something is wrong and no one believed me. Most of my driving is highway. Sad to see the Tuscon was not included.


I've got a 2011 optima and love it. Mileage is fine with me. I could care less about mpg and more about the price of gas. If a person drove perfect according to the way the tech's wanted you to then you'd get the mpg. But come on you cry babies no one drives that way.


I bought a 2012 kia forte in january 2012 does it qualify??? Cause it isnt as good on gas as i thought.


I bought a brand new 2012 Accent in June 2012. I was on the fence between the Hyundai Accent and Mazda3. I only went with Hyundai because of the gas mileage and the accent holds value. Now that my worries about the mileage were validated, both reasons for buying went out the window. I wanted a full refund and I called the dealership. They said they'd "buy" the car back, gave me the run-around and refused to give me my full refund. I would have to sue them for breach of contract. If anyone knows of another way to get all of my money back, let me know, otherwise I'm probably getting a lawyer and going over my contract.


I have a 2013 Accent GLS and I am being offered like 60 bucks for 6700 miles? Um, Hyundai, as I am continuing to flood your Arizona call center every chance I get, as well as my local dealership-> This WILL NOT FLY! Either take my car back and refund my purchase price (= interest) or your problem WILL GET WORSE ! Yes, I am threatening you. The EPA lies as well and these companies got off easy. I am getting 14-19 MPG in the city and 19-26 on the Highway. Unacceptable ! Watch OU! I do NOT back down.

Is there a MPG class action law suit for 2011 Sorento owners?


haha...people are greedy and complain too much. I truly apologize for the so called "lie" and i also apologize for insulting the good people trying to get their "money's worth" however these MPG ratings are off by 1-3 MPG at most and you can honestly gain more than that back through good driving habits. Mine is rated for 28 combined and i get 31-34 combined and in stop and go. You want better fuel economy stop rushing, drive smooth and be patient on the road. Kia is being more than accommodating by compensating those who meet the criteria.


BTW...thats 40mpg on the hwy if I dont race the car at 70+ mph. You want a car built to drive faster at lower RPM's then look for a car with different gear ratios or more gears to work with.


WE own 2 2012 Kia Soul +'s and I turned in the paper work but have never received anything. No debit cards or any answer. Who should I contact?


Very nice to get card, however finding it almost next to impossible to use. Most merchants with a key pad decline the card. Tried to pay my car payment with it as a partial just to get it over with....and it was declined there also. Just adding injury to insult.

Tarek Awad

I have a KIA Sorento 2011, now has about 20,000 miles. The same problem with the gas millage, which is always 13-14 MPG and not as promised when I bought. I called them many months ago and they asked me to fill full tank 3 times and calculate the average mpg. I can also read the MPG on the car meter any time, and it did not change even I apply all ways to save gas while driving- it is fixed 13.6 or 13.8 mpg. I will call KIA again with the new data and I hope they will give some compensations! Please inform me if anyone have solved same problem.


I think there is too much false advertising and they should pay a stiff penalty. My elantra 2012 is not getting anywhere near the mileage advertised and I will never buy another

Michelle Johnson

I too purchased a 2011 Sorento because I needed seating for 6 and good gas mileage. The window sticker says 28 hwy and I am lucky to get 20. I drive 80 roundtrip every day for work and this is killing me. Is there anywhere else to complain?


We have all been cheated by Kia. To add insult to injury, my dealer just sent out the email below. Modify OUR mentality? How about Modify THEIR Honesty?!
"Bill Baisey KIA 360…Service Centered Around You...
Did you know improving your fuel economy may be simple and might not break the bank? By using these three helpful tips in conjunction with each other, you may be able to go from guzzling gas to sipping it, which might save you money at the pump. Follow these three simple rules and you may see up to a 15 percent improvement in your fuel economy.
SLOW DOWN: By driving a lower speed, you may be able to save two to four miles per gallon over the duration of your trek. Also, go easy on the throttle. Avoid accelerating quickly or riding the brakes. And close those windows. Driving on the highway with your windows open may lower your fuel economy by up to 10%.
MAINTENANCE IS KEY: Always check that your vehicle's tire pressure is set to the recommended pressure. This could increase your fuel economy by up to 3.3%. Also, keep an eye on the air filter. By having a clean filter you could save as much as 10% on fuel costs. And don't forget the regular tune up. By keeping your vehicle in top running order, you could see up to a 4.1% increase in fuel economy.
MODIFY YOUR MENTALITY: Make an effort to combine trips if possible, park in a central location and walk. If you can avoid driving and your destination is close, try walking or riding a bike to conserve money and gas. And lastly, fill up on cool mornings. Fuel is denser in cooler temperatures, and since pumps measure in volume, you can get more gas for your buck when it's cooler outside."
I have followed that advice for years and until now have gotten the MPG expected or better in my vehicles. Kia lied to us and is trying to appease us with a meager reimbursement plan and advice that WE fix their problem. We must continue to unite and fight against this dishonesty or we run the risk of more companies following suit!

P Sherman

I have a 2012 Soul and just like a poster above said, I expected my actual mpg would be closer to 27, after doing a little research before I bought the the car. I did register for reimbursement (California) and got $360 for about 13k miles on my car. Used the card everywhere that accepts Visa Debit, no problem. For now, the car is great and fun to drive and the mpg is way better than the 17 I used to get in my old car.


how do I get my money back for false advertisement 4 my 2012 Kia Rio I tried to get him to take that gas guzzling car back and give me my money back so I could get a Toyota that actually got the good gas mileage no response


do I have to get a lawyer to sue them that's BS I thought you jus automatically get your money back for false advertisement in the USA free trade is bs


I own a 2013 Kia Rio owner, how do i caim the lump sum option.

I purchased a 2013 certified pre owned santa fe with lots problems. Vehicle had original moroney sticker on the window displaying false MPG. salesman states vehicle gets really good mileage. Lie.false advertising. Vehicle was in some sort of accident but was not reported to carfax. Front brakes, broken driver seat track, and AC condenser crushed was fixed but missing hardware overspray hanging front bumper wasn't. How did this vehicle pass the 150 point inspection with all these problems? These problems had to be fixed before selling. Am i supposed to do the 150 point inspection myself? This is supposed to be reputable company with certified technicians to do this job. I wasn't given a spare key manager wanted me to purchase key which I was entitled to one. Now they want to give me a key just the metal key which doesn't start vehicle which is useless. Need the fob that has the proximity sensor not the key with no proximity sensor. Its a push button start vehicle with no slot insert for metal key. Need fob.. so I want to know what can be done if corporate doesn't want to help?


I have never received a penny from them ! How long does it take ?!


Received a notice saying we would be reimbursed then never received a check or any other notice with any details telling me what was going on and by the looks of it I'll never see any money either because until yesterday I didn't know I HAD TO DO ANYTHING TO GET REIMBURSEMENT. Come to find out if you were waiting for KIA to contact you directions, which they didn't then you won't be seeing a penny. What a scam! Dissappointed in KIA!



Denise Horrigan

Why didn't the affected consumers get notified by mail? The companies knows who still owns these vehicles. I always kept my info updated and current. I am just hearing about this now almost a year after the filing deadline. They should gave had to contact affecred consumers. Now I get no reimbursement. I'll never buy another Hyundai.


I agree with "Denise Horrigan" - I was NEVER notified; and only just NOW found out - even found out second-hand, from my father-in-law, who just bought a 2014. I bought a 2010, on premise of the ads that said 34 mpg; it doesn't get ANYWHERE NEAR 34 MPG! I say, CLASS ACTION; LET'S DO IT!

Garath Justus

When I bought my Kia Rio it was advertise on the sticker as 26 mpg city and forty mpg hwy . Ha !@ What a j0oke it actually got sixteen mpg city and 30 mpg hwy even going 50 mph hwy as per epa test . I bought this car for the mileage advertised and if I had known this was a lie I would not have bought this car !

richard l. burwitz 4906 flad ave. madison. wi. 53711 write me and lets get a class action suit going. lets get as many kia owners as possible! ! !

l've had it with kia,rotten son of crap. l did have one kia rio get 40miles per gal. city, and 50-55 hwy. but kia wanted it back really bad. kia also said on window sticker their best rateing is 119 mpg...

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