Suzuki Files Bankruptcy, Stops Selling Cars in U.S.

Suzuki filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in California today for its U.S. automobile operations. American Suzuki Motor Corporation will stop marketing and selling cars in the U.S. while focusing on its motorcycle, ATV and marine portfolios.

Suzuki Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know

Suzuki will continue to honor its warranties and its current dealer network will largely be transitioned to parts and service only.

This news is not a great surprise to those following the industry. The company sold just 2,023 cars in October. Mitsubishi — another struggling Japanese automaker — sold 3,981 units in October. Mazda — the next closest Japanese automaker — sold a more robust 18,622 cars in October.

We'll have more information for owners and perspective buyers of the remaining new Suzuki models on dealer lots tomorrow.



A car dealer told me a couple years ago that this woulf happen. Too bad to hear it came true. I have a sx4 AND IN 4 YEARS ALL IT EVER COST ME WAS (1) SET OF TIRES AND SOME OIL CHANGES.


This is sad news. I purchased a 2008 XL7 three years ago, it has been the best car I have ever owned and I have owned Mercedes, Volvos, and Saabs. In nearly 60,000 miles I have no significant repairs (only struts replaced for rear hatch and the automatic down switch on the drivers window, all covered by warranty), and the cost to service was less than half of what the others were. I will keep driving this car for many years to come. I also noticed that the value of the XL7 has stayed high because of the high approval rating by XL7 owners.


Really sorry to hear it. I have been driving them since they hit the shores with the sammy. They have all been good vehicles, and I myself believe they are every bit the quality of the other jap vehicles. I will drive the 2 I still have until they die.


Is GM (round two) next?



Thanks for the racist slur comment.


I also will miss them. I have the Sidekick and a 1999 Grand Vitara. They are both good, reliable cars. They are both 4x4's and are good on bad roads. And they are oddly fast taking off at a red light- at least for 2 seconds- so fun for me to drive.


Jap is short for japanese dummy. If he had used slope or gook, now that would have been funny...i mean bad

art wegweiser

Isn't Suzuki a character in Puccini's "Madame Butterfly"?
I am surprised Mitsubishi is doing well - didn't they build those tiny planes that hit Pearl Harbor? We do forget easily. It was the first Japanese word I learned as a kid. Later came"kamikaze".


They should have brought Suzuki Swift to the States, then they might have survived.


Another casualty of tonight stupid fools....


Now maybe they'll sell some Kizashi's at a deeply discounted price. I'd pick one up now if I could get it cheaply enough.


Silly Americans and their profligate consumption. Suzuki is doing just fine here in Europe with a number of superb smaller vehicles. The "Swift" come to mind immediately.


Just my luck, I just bought 1 2012 Suzuki in September (which I love!) with a 7 year bumper to bumper warranty and roadside assistance. Will they still honor these? Also, does anyone know the Bankruptcy case Number at which this was filed?


I just purchased a 2012 Kizashi SLS two months ago and love this car. It is better than my 6 year old Cadillac that I traded this for. I won't let ASMC's filing worry me as long as they keep the dealers open to service my car.

j c

Awww...sad. I love my 2011 kizashi and my grand vitara is still goin' strong. Only car I would happily buy again would be a Suzuki.

In fact, a report by Manheim Consulting says used car sales are up by almost 9 percent compared to the beginning of the year. That’s good news for dealers and sellers alike, but the figure is still down nearly 2 percent versus last year. Given that information, it’s no surprise that the report goes on to say dealers are beginning to make up the losses they’re experiencing the new car.


A shame they didn't improve the Samurai while they sold it here, in the U.S..That small, jeep like machine was ahead of its time, just needed some safety improvements and a softer ride perhaps, but it seemed to be quite a tough vehicle to drive about...its 4WD feature a definite plus.


What about in Canada are they going to


I've had VW, Honda, and Scion (Toyota)and my 2007 Suzuki SX-4 crossover beats them all hands down!!!

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