Suzuki Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know


Suzuki filed for bankruptcy Monday, officially eliminating its automotive arm in the U.S.

That leaves current and potential owners with a lot of questions. We answer the most significant ones below, but if you have a question, please ask it in the comments below or email us at

Will my warranty still be honored?
Yes, Suzuki says all currently valid warranties will be honored. If you buy a new Suzuki today going forward, the existing new-car warranty will be included.

Many may remember that when Saab was finally liquidated, it stopped honoring warranties for cars bought during the period after its GM ownership when a Swedish firm was operating it. Suzuki’s bankruptcy will allow for continued warranty service in line with how GM still services the Saabs sold under its ownership.

Where do I take my car for service?
There are currently 220 Suzuki dealers nationwide according to the automaker. There were 246 Suzuki dealers nationwide as of January 2012, according to Automotive News, and Suzuki says they will transition to delivering parts and service only from here on out. Seventy-seven of the 246 figure were listed ase combination dealers that sell other brands, so owners should expect them to remain in place for the foreseeable future. The remaining standalone dealers are less likely to stay in business after the bankruptcy unless they also sell Suzuki motorcycles and ATVs, which will continue after car sales cease.

Will parts be hard to find?
If past bankrupt automakers are any indication, parts will be available but could be harder to track down. For example: A repair may have to wait on parts being delivered as opposed to a healthy brand’s vehicle having them in stock.

Will this lower my resale value?
Yes, we have seen bankruptcies directly impact resale value of existing cars, most recently with Saab. We did a search of’s extensive used-car inventory for Saab’s most popular model, the 9-3, for the past three model years it was produced, 2009-2011. The listed price for the Saabs in our inventory are on average 5% lower than the Volvo S60, which averages twice as many miles, and nearly 20% lower than the Acura TL, with nearly 80% more miles on average.


Should I buy a new Suzuki?
If you fully understand that a Suzuki will have a lower resale value and that parts and service will be harder to track down, then yes, you should feel comfortable with Suzuki products. Check out our rundown of how the four existing models stack up here.


Well you need to know that your value just fell through the floor.

The secondary market is the only place you'll find buyers for a product that no one will repair in a few years.

why buy a suzuki anyway?


No one will repair? Last time I checked there are still plenty of independent mechanics. Any qualified mechanic can perform almost any repair.

Ivar M

Both the Volvo S60 and the Acura TL can not be compared with any SAAB model. NEVS is starting up the SAAB 9-3 model again and they will return to the US market. GM on the other hand will try to scare any supplier that deliver parts for the new 9-3. General Motors is a dead brand in Europe after what they did to SAAB. Everybody should stop buying GM cars worldwide to make GM understand that removing global competition with threats of stop in deliveries of parts is in breach of international law. I hope Spyker cars win the 3 billion dollar law suit and punish GM with a blow straight to their balls.


^Bitter Saab owner there.

If I were to buy any Suzuki, it would be the Equator pickup. All Nissan parts, so you're golden on future repairs.

I know this isn't directly related to the topic, other than I was looking for friends about the warranty on cars going forward, but am I only the one that is seeing Hyundai handing out serious beat-downs to almost all the other car manufacturers? I saw a consultant on MSNBC who worked for Suzuki USA stating that there reason for pulling out of the US was almost solely due to Hyundai rapidly taking over almost all of there markets.

I agree with some of the posters above, comparing any Acura to a SAAB is similar to comparing a trip to the moon versus a trip to Mars.


Ugh, this makes me sick. I stupidly bought into a Suzuki lease years ago and am still leasing the lemon. Value has tanked and it's unreliable. Don't want to buy it and lease end options are terrible. Suggestions?


Gasoline and a match


Just turn the car in at the end of the lease. That's not a terrible option.


My grandparents just bought a new Suzuki within 30 days, obviously not knowing what was in store. Moving forward, what should they do? Obviously the warranty will have to be honored, but should they be worried about any potential servicing? We have a Suzuki lot in our town, as well as another lot within 30 minutes from us. There's really nothing they can do is there?

Chad J.

Son of a motherless goat! I buy a Saturn Outlook, then a year later they go out of business. Now I buy a Suzuki Kizashi. Less than a year later, they go out of business. I personally drive a Chevy. Both of those cars were for my wife.

Well, that settles it, with my track record, I am out the door right now to buy a Ford!

ha ha ha



It depends on how "loaded" and what model they bought. The main concerns would be if it has AWD and/or ABS.



You're going to lose money whatever you do, might as well enjoy the car


I still owe 2 1/2 years on my Suzuki SX4. I had to have the transmission replaced once under warranty when 5th gear went out. I am VERY concerned about continuing to pay on a car that has a value now of about half of what I still owe! I don't even know where to start looking for advice!

I own an 05 suzuki forenza wagon i bought new. Just paid it off last summer. It has had 2 recalls, for headlight problems and at 76,000 miles it started leaking oil from the engine. Suzuki rebuilt it free, except for oil, filter,timing belt, ect. I would not buy anything from them period!


I own a Suzuki and recently went to buy a new one at a dealer in Albany, New York. They were giving $6000.00 off a 2012 SX4, I have a 2010 SX4 with 27000 miles that I wanted to trade in for the new one. Kelly blue book value for trade is $10400.00, they only offed me $7500.00 for my car, and this is the same place I bought the car and have it serviced. They said that because of the $6000.00 off the new one that they had to make up the money on the trade. So basically they were not giving a deal if you had a trade. They won't even give you what the car is worth. I will not be going there again for any service.


I have a 2007 Suzuki Forenza, The transmission went at 40,000 miles, and now it went again at 64,000 miles. I hate this car!


Suzuki had been planning this bankruptcy for a long time. I'm certain there will be a class-action lawsuit filed that attempts to make whole the folks who made recent purchases.


I bought an 05 Suzuki Forenza had problems from the start.
Took it to the dealership they fixed nothing and when i went home and opened the door the handle fell off !! They suck so i finally bought a chevy and two moths later i get a recall letter. I want to file suit but dont know how!!!! Costed me thousands through the years.

larry glazebrooks

i bought a 2011 suzuki sx4x4 i guess i am stuck with a car i cant get rid of mad in tn

larry glazebrooks

I bought a 2011 Sx4...Guess am stuck with but I hope parts wll be available...Our goverment bells out every one else maybe they could bell your company out...


I have a suzuki equator & it is the exact same truck as a nissan frontier. I bet the nissan parts fit the equator. They were built together in the same factory.


I brought a new 2012 Suzuki Kizashi within 6 months i was putting 2 new tires on it. The front headlight went out and they told me it would cost me at least $450.00 i told them where they could go. MAD AS HELL!!!! I'm going to get rid of this car. Some way some how


If I were to buy a 2011 Equator with 22,000 miles from CarMax, would the manufacturer's warranty be able to be transferred to me?


I am really concerned. I purchased a brand new 2012 Kishazi, and although I am not having any problems. However, I was told (SOLD) on the fact that after 6 months I could refinance after making payments on time. I make all my payments on time, but when
I went to refinance, the value of the car was waaaaay low.

My credit union couldn't do anything for me. Is there anything I can do?

I don't like where my payments are at - which I discussed with the dealer upon purchasing the car.

Can I or should I contact my insurance company to have them reasses my car since I am paying based on the value upon purchase?

Will it help?

What are my options?

Go to Class-action lawsuit filed against suzuki. I personally feel your pain, i am having the same problem with the transmission, o2 sensor, and my engine light has been on since I brought the car in 2008. I am still paying for a 2005 suzuki, with all the problems that go with it, and the dealership doesnt want to honor the warranty for two problems, one was the engine, then the transmission and all the problems that come with that.


I currently own a 2012 Suzuki Kasashi, I just tried to trade it in at the place I bought it from and was told I was $9000.00 upside down. The paint has started just peeling off of it, and the ONLY place that does warranty work is 1 hour away from me, they were just jerks on the phone to me, and told me although part of the selling point of the car, was that any time it was in the shop I would receive a loaner car. This guy just informed me we do not do that for Suzuki?? I have also found out through car places, that no bank will loan on the car since the bankruptcy. I am stuck with a car I hate ugh!!


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