Should You Buy a New Suzuki?


If you've checked out our story on What You Need to Know about the Suzuki bankruptcy, you might consider buying a new Suzuki if the deal is right.

Below, we break down what we like and what we don't about each of the four Suzuki models still on sale in the U.S., as well as links to recent coverage about each one. No Suzuki models are rated as Best Bets by

We also list how many are in our national inventory as of this writing. Here's a tip: There aren't many, so depending on where you live, a new Suzuki might not be an option for you.


2012 Suzuki Equator

What We Like

  • 100,000-mile/seven-year powertrain limited warranty
  • Aggressive RMZ-4 off-road model
  • Utility-minded cargo bed
  • Spirited V-6 engine

What We Don't

  • No manual transmission for off-road package or V-6 engine
  • Tow package should be standard on RMZ-4
  • No MP3 jack on base stereo

There are 346 new Equators in's national new-car inventory. There are 331 2012 models, 14 2011 models and one 2010 model.

2012 Midsize Shootout: Results (



2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara

What We Like

  • Good looks
  • Composed ride
  • Steering feel and response

What We Don't

  • Dated interior styling
  • Snug backseat

There are 496 new Grand Vitaras in's national new-car inventory. There are 167 2013 models, 295 2012 models, 24 2011 models, four 2010 models and six 2009 models.

2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara Review (


2013 Suzuki Kizashi

What We Like

  • Nimble handling
  • Supportive seats
  • Attractive, intuitive dashboard layout

What We Don't

  • Below-average gas mileage

There are 921 new Kizashis in’s national new-car inventory. There are 328 2013 models, 517 2012 models, 61 2011 models and 15 2010 models.

2012 Suzuki Kizashi Review (
The $25,000 Family Sedan Shootout

2013 Suzuki SX4

What We Like

  • Sporty-yet-supple suspension tuning
  • Front and rear headroom
  • Low-price AWD (Crossover hatchback)

What We Don't

  • Fuel economy
  • Some roughly finished cabin pieces
  • Front roof pillar limits visibility

There are 1,875 new SX4s in’s national new-car inventory. There are 1,122 2013 models, 700 2012 models, 41 2011 models, seven 2010 models and five 2009 models.



I think the equator is essentially a rebadged nissan. Would it be safe to say that you could by an equator for a steep discount, and still have access to nissan parts for any repairs in the future?


I would say it is very safe to buy an Equator now. I own a 2012 and was told when I bought it almost a year ago that I could have it serviced at any Nissan dealer.


Seems doubtful that resale value would be an attribute.

If you’re searching for a used car, odds are you know how important a vehicle history report is to the buying process. A good history check can dig up ghosts from your prospective buy’s past like accident damage, flood damage and whether or not the odometer has been tampered with, but how do the other categories impact a vehicle


I've owned my 2011 Suzuki SX$ AWD since Nov.2011 .. I'm coming into my 3rd winter and I have 59,000 km (36.6k miles) on it. I have had ZERO problems with it. Even though Suzuki has pulled out of both the US and Canada, I've decided to ride mine out since its "value" has dropped... however, it seems like a pretty good car comparatively. I just hope genuine Suzuki parts will be available for a while.

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