Recall Alert: 2002-03 Jeep Liberty, 2002-04 Grand Cherokee

Chrysler is recalling 744,822 model-year 2002 and 2003 Jeep Liberty vehicles and model-year 2002-04 Jeep Grand Cherokees due to a problem with the airbag-control module, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall affects Liberty vehicles manufactured between Jan. 9, 2001, and March 28, 2003, and Grand Cherokees manufactured from Feb. 13, 2001, through May 23, 2003. A component in the airbag module could fail, causing the front and side curtain airbags or the seat belt pretensioners to deploy inadvertently while the vehicle is being operated. This increases the risk of an injury.

Chrysler will notify owners in January, and dealers will install a supplemental jumper harness to the airbag-control module at no cost. Owners can contact Chrysler at 800-247-9753 or NHTSA’s vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236 for more info.

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Michael Howie

I like Jeeps I've on the few of them now its sad the last one I bought was a 2002 Liberty Sport and I had to put a trailer hitch on it when I actually bought it from A Jeep dealership who should have known about the fuel tank problems being wide open and now I have problems with the front end with your joints and ball joints and drive shaft and what not I wish the dealership what I told me about that and maybe hit gave me a little help on what I was going to go through


Are you sure that's the only recall cause my driveshaft went up now my jeep keeps shutting down I have it coded they said it was the cam and its still shutting down I haven't even had it that long


who do i contact about these problems i just recieved a letter in the mail about the gas tank and my driveshaft makes a jerking feeling also do the dealership replace these things for free.. i also have the annoying CEL on from the evap sensor


My blower/fan to my heat went out how can I fix it

Ive have more problems with my jeep. Its became a night mare. Took it to the ford place in dequeen. Arkansas for the recall on the air bag s it wont. Run right ever sinces .they broke the. Battery post and its getting hot also they replaced a heater hose. For some reason.and there was a can of. Fuel. Injector spray in the floor board. Go. Figure why

Stacie bacon

I have had nothing but problem after problem with my 2002 jeep liberty. It is with no doubt a complete night mare what I have been through with this junk of a car!!! I have made many many of calls to jeep and Chrysler, no one really cares at all. There will be more deaths how very sad and they only care when they are selling you a car and taking your money, shame on you! Can't seem to find anyone that has the parts for all the recalls or they just don't want to do it. If someone cares you can reach me at my Email address

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