Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept at the 2012 L.A. Auto Show


  • Looks like: What the city of Malibu will use to hunt zombies in the year 2025
  • Defining characteristics: G-Class gets curves and a police light bar
  • Ridiculous features: A fuel-cell powertrain and color-changing side skirts that indicate charge status
  • Chances of being mass-produced: Zilch

Mercedes is putting a futuristic spin on its G-Class glam wagon. The Ener-G-Force fuel-cell concept is the automaker's take on the future of law enforcement vehicles.

The design study keeps the G-Class wagon's boxy shape, but it wears a higher shoulder line, smaller windows and rooftop-integrated emergency lights. The concept also rides on 20-inch wheels and—just in case its G heritage wasn't evident—features LED headlamps that form the letter G.

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Other from-the-future-technology includes a pull-out toolbox mounted on the back of the SUV and a 360-degree topography scanner mounted on the roof. Based on the results, it adjusts the suspension depending on the surface.

The Ener-G-Force's powertrain is just as outlandish. Mercedes says it stores water in tanks on the roof and transfers it to a "hydro-tech converter, where natural and renewable resources are converted into hydrogen for operating the fuel cells." The automaker also claims a 500-mile range for the wagon. The energy packs are housed in the concept’s side skirts and change color to indicate their charge status.

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed the concept is only a design challenge, which is a good thing. Only incredibly well-funded police departments would be able to afford one: The 2013 G-Class starts at $113,905, including a $905 destination charge.

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Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept

Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept


I definitely see how this is over the top but something about it makes it seem cool to me. I don't know how well this will go over with other consumers and I mean I wouldn't buy it but it would be cool to see this on the road.

Oh, ick. Will they make an armored version?

Cem Gerson

I think, the design is very Futurist and I like it a lot. If Mercedes-Benz build a new G serie I believe it will be selling more than the G Serie of Today.
In my country where I live now, there is more then %130 over the price of US. This car would be more than 280.000 USD in Turkey... So If I start to live in US, for sure I'd be planing to buy G Mercedes... Anyway, as a summary, mercedes benz has never made a bad car... For sure, it will be a great car!


I forgot how much I miss crazy concepts. Zombie Apocalypse meets Doc Brown's Delorian.


Freekin sick ! Lovin it!

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