Mazda-Based Toyota Subcompact on the Way

Combined with its Scion brand, Toyota has a pretty strong small-car portfolio — and it's about to grow. The automaker announced today it is partnering with Mazda to produce a Toyota-brand subcompact for the U.S. market.

The vehicle will be built at Mazda's plant in Mexico, which is still under construction, and will be based on Mazda's smallest vehicle, the Mazda2. Could the new car be a replacement for Toyota's subcompact, the Yaris?

Possibly. Yaris sales are on a slide this year even though the car was revised for 2012. In October, Toyota sold just 2,579 units of the Yaris, down from 6,792 the previous October. Although Mazda moves fewer Mazda2 units, sales of the subcompact are up about 17% so far this year.

The two are similar in size: The Mazda2 is 155.5 inches long; the 2012 Yaris, which is available only as a hatchback, is two inches shorter.

Toyota plans to start production during summer 2015 and build around 50,000 units of the car per year.

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Hopefully Mazda can inject some FUN in the Yaris.


I think part of the problem is the Yaris is too expensive at the dealer. In order to get one with power features then you'll be paying $17-18k.

By the spec sheet these two are are very similar. The Yaris is too expensive and after a lot of research it seems that the Versa is the winner in the segment.


Old&Wise: what you said is true, but according to Consumer Reports the Versa sedan is rated as worse than average in customer I wonder if the Versa IS a true winner in this segment. Don't misunderstand: I agree with you about the Versa being a winner, even if many will disagree with what you and I believe to be true about it. The Versa is selling quite well also, so it can be automobile best seller that many dislike.
Make sense?
AladdinSane :-)

Volume Van

So far Toyota bragged that they will sell only value cars at higher price.

So now they are seeing higher sales of small cars and coming to that market.

Yes with gas prices at taxes going up, more people will buy these vehicles.

Small car segment is approaching that of mid-size segment. Small wagons provide lot more value for money.


I just dont know about the Versa. I dont think Id buy one just because of the CVT.


Looks like a good partnership - Mazda gets some production volume and Toyota gets a small car that will likely be more fun to drive than Yaris.

Derrick G

Basement satisfaction isn't the only place the Versa lags. CR's predicted reliability is the pits, too. At least it scored a bit higher than the Yaris, though not high enough to be recommended even if the reliability wasn't so bad.

I'm not too sure about making a 2 based Yaris. I don't know if "Zoom-Zoom" will play well at the Toyota dealership, not that the Yaris has a refined ride to offset its lackluster handling. But the idea of a pricing reduction seems like a good idea and at least the 2 has been reliable so far.


One of the reason of yaris's demise is its price. Being only $1000 cheaper than base model of corolla, made it harder for this car to sell.

Volume Van

Toyota is not interested in selling small cars.

To replace Echo (Sedan/Coupe) they brought this Yaris(4 dr sedan & 3 dr hatch). Since it did not sell well, they replaced sedan with 5 dr hatch. Since that also did not sell, now they are bringing some Mazda car.

But ultimately they may drop Yaris and leave Prius C as its only small car.

There are rumors about Matrix phase out after the Scion xB & Xd being discontinued.


The Matrix has been dead on the vine for years. It has received no major updates and Toyota doesn't advertise it at all.

I hope they don't call this new car a "Mazota".

Basement satisfaction isn't the only place the Versa lags. CR's predicted reliability is the pits, too. At least it scored a bit higher than the Yaris, though not high enough to be recommended even if the reliability wasn't so bad.

It really looks nice. It is a perfect example of collaboration. The design and features are really superb.

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