Reviews the 2013 Chevrolet Impala

Before Chevrolet redesigns its large sedan for 2014, we wanted to give the 2013 model another look. Ample power combined with decent fuel economy impressed reviewer Mike Hanley, but uncomfortable seats and a budget cabin reminded us why the Impala is a rental-fleet staple.

2013 Chevrolet Impala Review



Why do we even bother with this Dino?


so will this stick around as the 'impala classic' for fleets?? LOL


I know it's dated, but atleast it still comes with a good V6 and the MPG's are good for the size. My dad's 2012 Malibu gets 30mpg/HGWY with the 4 cylinder engine. I kind of wish he would have gotten an Impala instead so he could of had the room inside that he's more used to. He had '78 Malibu wagon with a V8 and LOVED that car. Plus, I know he said he would like more power at times. 120HP more than his car and it still gets 30mpg? I think the "new" Impala looks more like a Buick with a Camaro front end. I guess I just like the older stuff better. Oh well....


300 hp makes it a lot more fun to drive, and it does get 30 mpg. If you can find a nice year old one that wasn't smoked in, it's the best $15,000 car on the market.


Good car, yes. Why couldn't the seats be better? I couldn't care less if the interior was even cheaper. The seats are a must for a car like this... it should be like the Buick's of old, comfortable as a couch.


why would you review this car a few months before the all new car comes out? What is the point? Its 7 years old, its not breaking news that this car isnt competitive.


Can't say so-long to this design fast enough. I rented a 2012 Impala LTZ and was immediately struck by a dash design that was retro in appearance and usefulness. The leather seats, with manual lumbar adjustment, were indeed uncomfortable and my back ached for days afterward. Granted the fuel economy was decent but not good enough for California gasoline prices, where I rented the vehicle. It's a fleet deal and everyone knew it was a rental without even asking.


The new 2014 Impala looks a whole bunch better. I hope they improve the seats too.


I have a 2012 Impala ltz and just love it, the 14 modle is a sweet ride but I like my 12 even more, and the seats are great, power and styling all in a big car. it's a great ride!

Dave Jamison

rented a 2013 and hated the seats, could not use the seat backs as the headrests are tilted forward. Maybe good if you are a hunchback

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