2014 Mazda6 Video

Mazda6 video
The Mazda6 gets a bit smaller and lighter for 2014, and it wears new, expressive styling. An updated grille, more fluid design and what Cars.com reviewer Kelsey Mays calls angry headlights give the car a sportier appearance.

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But the big news in under the hood. The sedan's V-6 is gone and in its place are two more efficient four-cylinders, including a much-anticipated diesel engine. Fuel-economy figures haven't been announced yet, but Mays says we can expect gas mileage to be pretty darn good. Check out the video below.



Mazda's Japanese competitors have cargo crushing design, not it's domestic competition. Malibu and fusion have similar hinge design and in the last generation they had struts. This car looks good but the nav screen is too small and interior is dull.


The rear trunk hinge intrusion is a step back from the efficient (and costlier to produce) scissors design found on my 2009 Mazda6. Styling wise the newest production version is a big disappointment from the earlier concepts that were both elegant and purposeful. This thing looks Iike it's soul was stripped away by the finance guys. When even Toyota steps up it's game in the styling department after years of playing it safe, there's better choices to be made. No more Mazda's for me next purchase!


The exterior design - along with the new Fusion - are the only two vehicles that show any direction towards sport and soul. The rest of the class, Camry, Accord and Altima, interior and exteriors, might as well be from 2000, showing no will to take chances.

But the mid-size sedan market is all about eliminating risk, ensuring a wide an appeal as possible, avoiding becoming a niche vehicle.

Mazda is a niche mid-size sedan, so Mazda can afford to take chances in hopes it can attract attention, grab more youth oriented buyers, while dragging some aging Mazda 3 owners north.

It may be the best mid-size sedan, if you like sport and drive, in the entire class.

How much road noise is my personal pet question....

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