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After taking flak for a complete overhaul that failed to impress last year, Honda wisely returned to the drawing board and developed the heavily redesigned 2013 Honda Civic. Cars.com reviewer Joe Wiesenfelder says the hasty do-over was worth it, as the Civic looks better, feels better and just plain is better — that says a lot for the best-selling compact sedan.

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Honda says exterior updates mean the Civic will perform better in crash tests. A retuned suspension, refined interior materials and a standard backup camera should also bring in new buyers. The Civic will start around $19,000 when it hits dealerships this week. Check out the video below.



Nice upgrades, but the honeycomb mesh grill is difficult to keep clean in northern climates. Why no standard power driver seat/lumbar &/or XM satellite radio on the EX models?


Does not resemble the Kia forte koup?

Honda got it's inspiration from kia


The features mentioned are on other compacts. Cruz had the safety warning features last year. I believe focus does as well. Nothing new here, they just brought the car up to refinement level of competition.


The Cruze might not make another retail sale...


Same anemic engine in a market where sport compact vehicles with similar prices start at 250+ HP. sad...


If Honda was going to keep the 5 speed automatic, the engine should be the 2.0 liter version used in the Acura ILX.
Otherwise, this needs a transmission with more than 5.1:1 ratio spread. (that new CVT comes to mind)


Just noticed that the radiator is easily visible through the cheap looking Kia type grill ... UGH!

Ernie Lopes

He didn't even mention the sliding center console is back one of the things that was left out of 2012 model

Really Nice car and i really like the way the car is represented in the market.

honda monstah

Honda Civic has really made some great strides...
EX-L + NAVI = easy sell...

Shahryar Khalid

as they said they have introduced back camera, but wheres the screen for that and secondly the cars looking better than the previoud model thank God and is there any fog lamps available in this model....

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