2013 Ford Escape, Fusion Get Big Incentives


We've complained loudly that no matter how good Ford's new products may be, the price on the window sticker is generally higher than the competition. The competition these days happens to be pretty darn good, too.

Perhaps that's why Ford is putting some sizable incentives on the redesigned 2013 Escape compact crossover and just-released 2013 Fusion sedan.

The Fusion starts at $22,495, including a $795 destination charge, and $25,290 for the turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder model. All non-hybrid Fusions get $1,000 cash back or a low financing rate through Jan. 2, 2013. The Fusion Hybrid gets $500 to $1,000 cash back depending on the region.

The Escape might have ranked last in our recent $25,000 Compact SUV Shootout, but the pricey trim level structure limited us to testing a base model with a price tag of $23,295, including $825 in destination charges.

Cash-back offers of up to $2,000 in some regions should help validate shoppers who were won over after reading our full review of the Escape. It was hard to find fault with the sharp-looking crossover especially with the SE model's turbo 1.6-liter engine, which starts at $25,895. The Escape's cash-back offer is split between customer cash — $1,000 to $1,500 available to everyone — and other incentives like owner loyalty or conquest cash.

Honda is offering low financing deals on its CR-V crossover, but none on its just-released 2013 Accord sedan. Nissan is offering lease deals on its new Altima sedan, and Kia has an easy-to-achieve conquest cash offer on its Optima sedan.

*Incentives vary by region and can be updated at any time by the automaker. Make sure to check the automaker's website for full details and all the small print.

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On the new Fusion? That has just started to roll onto dealers lots and they are offering money on the hood already??? Why doesn't Ford just price these right to begin and forego the negative press?

mike h

Some people like discounts. See what happened to JCpenny. They dont want fair/honest pricing, they want discounts and coupons.


Big incentives? Fusion $1000 and up to $1500 on Escape plus some loyalty money. I wouldn't call any of those "big". I would call them marketing ploys. Believe me, $1000 off a $25,000 vehicle isn't going to hurt Ford's profits. Nor will a 5% discount hurt the car's reputation or resale. Its marketing to get people in the door.

Agent Mike

$5,000.00 is a serious discount. $1,000.00 is just loose change to
Ford MoCo. Don't fall for this ploy Buy American Built Korean :)

"Don't fall for this ploy Buy American Built Korean :)"
How well does Korean hold up to confortable rides & safety crash testing?


I would say everybody loves discounts. It's not the amount of the discount, just the fact that they are offering a discount right off the bat. Nobody pays MSRP so this discount is going to be in addtition to whatever anybody can wring out of the dealer. Just not a good sign. Most brand new models don't offer 0% or discounts/rebates until about 4-8 months after intro if the vehicle is popular at all. Is Ford telling us something about their confidence in this new Fusion?


The Fusion and Escape are solid cars that definitely compete with the Japanese but Ford screwed-up with the pricing as it's much to high. You can't come out of the gate asking a premium price if the previous model didn't at least set the ground work. I expect the rebates to increase more as frankly $1,000 on Fusion isn't enough.

Troy S.

Simply remove the Union fee and the vehicles will be priced more inline with reality.


Discounting with rebates makes it appear the car is unpopular or simply hard to sell to the public. With a new model it is more favorable to list the sticker price less expensive and therefore afFORDable.

Sure, you all can say what you want about the Ford pricing and marketing strategies but bottom line is that they have great products. As a previous import buyer, I would buy the Escape over the CRV....

Troy S.


Ford recently dropped very significantly on the quality rating list. Its your choice if you choose to buy high priced low quality products though.

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