2012 Tesla Model S Charging Video

Tesla's electric Model S combines unprecedented driving range and quick charging times. Thanks to the many different plug adapters, you have flexibility over how quickly the Model S can charge, from a standard 120-volt home outlet to a variety of 240-volt plugs that can return up to 30 miles per hour of charging. Tesla's system eliminates the need for Level 2 home charging hardware, which adds cost. With advanced technology comes issues, however. Cars.com Reviewer Joe Wiesenfelder takes a look at some of the grievances that bothered him like the unique door handles, obnoxious seat-bottom weight sensors and charging port door.

2012 Tesla Model S Deliveries Start Today, EPA Figures Official

Tesla Introduces Free Quick-Charge Network for Model S Owners

Tesla Model S Gets Official Price of $57,400



Hey, you comletely missed optional 20kW home charging with Tesla proprietary home high power wall connector, which adds 61 miles per hour of charging and Tesla supercharging stations which adds 150 miles in 30 minutes (standard with 85kWh battery).

The article brings up a lot of valid issues about the Tesla that most arent considering when they call it the "car of the year"...



Can’t say I’m surprised this beauty made it as top car of the year, and with the media singing its praises (particularly good one here: http://www.pressdisplay.com/pressdisplay/showlink.aspx?bookmarkid=EGX102F03KK2&preview=article&linkid=3be1c7dc-9f87-4112-be99-ef94da0d4862&pdaffid=ZVFwBG5jk4Kvl9OaBJc5%2bg%3d%3d) I think the model’s success is guaranteed. Gotta love the new showroom in Canada too, if I may add.

TESLA gobbledygook. Are you as questioning as I and unsure what Tesla will charge you AFTER you finalize your order? Tesla S has a slick check off form in order to choose the color, interior paneling, battery size, etc. plus multiple other features and products BUT no where do I find a discussion about the bottom line…the final cost.

They must think I'm just another dumb blonde (actually my hair is dyed blonde so I am not as stupid as my hair color represents). I truly am attempting to determine the final cost or at least determine a close estimate.

Talk to your shopping mall rep and you will hear half the story. Call or email Tesla customer service and you hear a few more tales. Then I suggest you ask for everything in writing just to sort it out and your reasonable request, like mine, will be refused. What game is this? A $100,000 game, and I'm the guinea pig?

I want the car but other options exist. I want definitive answers but gobbledygook and half the story is told. To add insult, nothing will be presented in writing. I have to rely on prior Tesla owners to hear the truth and total picture.

Are they making up the rules and fees day by day? Whose in charge…a dumb blonde?

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