Toyota Recalls 2.5 Million Vehicles

Toyota is recalling 2.5 million vehicles to address a faulty driver-side power window switch. It's one of the biggest recalls in history, and it's the automaker's largest since recalling millions of vehicles for unintended-acceleration issues in 2009 and 2010.

In today's recall, an irregular application of window-switch lubricant could cause components to wear unevenly during operation and deteriorate. Owners will notice a notchy or sticky feeling in the switch operation, Toyota reports. If owners attempt to use a commercial lubricant to fix the issue, the switch assembly could melt, leading to a possible fire. "We are not aware of any vehicle crashes for this condition," the automaker said in a statement.

The following vehicles are affected:

2007-08 Yaris (about 110,300)
2007-09 RAV4 (about 336,400)
2007-09 Tundra (about 337,100)
2007-09 Camry (about 938,100)
2007-09 Camry Hybrid (about 116,800)
2008-09 Scion xD (about 34,400)
2008-09 Scion xA (about 77,500)
2008-09 Sequoia (about 38,500)
2008 Highlander (about 135,400)
2008 Highlander Hybrid (about 23,200)
2009 Corolla (about 270,900)
2009 Matrix (about 53,800)

Toyota will begin notifying owners later this month, and dealers will inspect the switch and apply special fluorine grease. Toyota expects the repair to take about one hour. Owners can call Toyota's customer service center at 800-331-4331 for more info.

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I've noticed faulty window switches in older Corollas, as well. I believe they were also recalled (2002-2007 or so), along with the Matrix/Vibe. Seems as though Toyota has their issues with power window quality.


Even though this is a minor issue, Toyota's (and Lexus) quality has been slipping for almost a decade. If this were one of the Big 2-1/2 (Chrsyler gets the 1/2 for Fiat ownership), consumers and politicians would be calling for a senate investigation. I don't know why it seems Toyota gets a pass (except for the accelerator recall).


A minor issue multiplied by 2,500,000 is a MAJOR ISSUE and that's just the US. It's 7.43 million worldwide.

I believe this is a similiar issue GM just had recalling some vehicles recently for door switch issues. Yes, a major issues whether a design issue or a process issue, or both.


Really? A power window switch? I can live with that. But not a power door lock that quits working. I have a RAV4 and this is the third recall. Glad someone has my back.


Nissan needs to recall their cars for this as well. I've had a '98 Maxima, '03 Pathfinder, and now a '08 Infiniti M45 and they all have issues with the driver's side power switch. In addition, this seems to get worse when it's colder outside.

The Magistrate

Note to Toyota: Please stop ordering parts from China. I know they're cheap, but it will lessen your quality. Though I'm quite glad they're recalling cars even if it is just a window switch issue. I'm glad I traded my Tucson to an Outback. The Tucson's engine sensor would always fail and cost me a lot of hassle, though free of charge due to warranty. They should recall that as well.

I agree with the Magistrate Toyota always will claim to be "american" now because of their plants. Truth is that still doesn't change that they manufacture the car abroad and then put it together in the US

Pam Weaver

My 2002 Highlander has a passenger side window switch problem. I would think whatever is on drivers side is duplicated to the passenger side. Is that a recall also? It hasn't worked for years but not spending money on it. Love my vehicle though.

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