NHTSA Releases Counterfeit Airbag Test Video

Nhtsa video
Counterfeit airbags are dangerous, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants consumers to see the risks for themselves.

Last week, NHSTA issued a report about a rise in the number of counterfeit airbags infiltrating vehicle repair shops, and the dangerous consequences to drivers. The group's tests have found that many of these bags consistently malfunction; issues reported range from non-deployment to shrapnel being projected during deployment.

Check out NHTSA's video demonstration below.

NHTSA Warns of Counterfeit Airbags
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By Jennifer Geiger | October 17, 2012 | Comments (1)


Jim Demers

After a couple of repair shops get sued for millions, maybe the rest will wise up. (Too bad it won't happen until AFTER people have gotten hurt or killed)

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