Reviews the 2013 Subaru Legacy

Subaru's updated-for-2013 Legacy is a handsome-looking sedan with a capable all-wheel-drive system, says reviewer Kristin Varela. The interior, however, needs work. Despite the rest of the car being overhauled for the new model year, the cabin looks and feels dated, Varela says.

2013 Subaru Legacy Review



Spot-on with the review as I just got done test driving the Legacy 3x over the past week. We decided to remove it from our car shopping list mainly due to the dated interior and high noise levels. When you figure in the performance and mileage specs for the 4 and 6 cylinders the car looks even more dated. Currently Nissan and Honda offer far superior cars and for cheaper prices.


I have the Outback and love it. Subaru are definitely Function over Form. Try getting the Altima or Honda in AWD. Factor in AWD and Subarus are usually cheaper.


In terms of AWD capability, the Outback is in another league compared to the Fusion and the Kisushi.

Subie Guy

I think you missed the point on the Legacy. This car is not a Lexus. It is a very nice 4 passenger economy car with AWD and excellent safety features. If you look at the car in that way the Legacy is an excellent car.


I leased a '13 Accord Sport after test driving the Altima and Legacy. Initially I thought I wanted the Legacy but the Accord had better transmission, more power, better mpg, and was much quieter.

Illinois Dave

My wife and I recently bought a 4cyl Legacy Limited after looking at the 2013 Ford Fusion and the Kia Optima. Much has been written about the dated look of the Legacy's interior. We actually bought it in part because of the beautiful perforated leather interior, a very light beige, almost white, and the fact that, as my wife put it, everything is where it is supposed to be. You can actually see out of a Legacy unlike the new Fusion and the Optima! With AWD, and a good deal from our dealer, we got the Legacy for $5,000 less than a comparably equipped Fusion (Titanium). Titanium is beautiful but 5 grand is a lot of money, at least to us. The clincher so far (7,000 miles) is that we are getting 33 mpg at 70-75 mph on the Interstates and even better on state and local highways. City driving does drop the mpg significantly. It may not be the flashiest thing on the road but if you are looking for safety, AWD (we live near Chicago and snow is always with us in the Winter), good fuel economy and a comfortable ride, it is hard to beat the Legacy at its price point.

Illinois Dave

In an earlier post I forgot to mention that our 2013 Legacy Limited has the Eyesight system. It is terrific and the adaptive cruise control is great for Interstate driving. So far, everything works as advertised. A couple reviewers have mentioned that the system seems "tacked on" and I can see how they'd make that statement. It took a bit of adjustment to not always "see" the device. It no longer bothers us. Keep in mind that comparably priced cars don't for the most part even offer a system similar to Eyesight. We do lots of long distance Interstate driving and have found it quite useful.

Perfect for Oregon

We have two six-cylinder Outback wagons and found them quite utilitarian and really appreciate the AWD, whether it be in snow or heavy rain. Now we have decided on a new car and after testing virtually everything on the market, from high-end Audi and Lexuses down to low-end Kias, we have decided on the 2013 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited sedan.

We both have musical backgrounds and demand high-quality audio, and this package delivers. We weren't crazy about the Subaru leather seats in our wagons (although my wife demands the seat heaters in anything she owns), but the new seats are exceedingly comfortable so instead of cloth we decided to go with leather yet again. She test drove one over spring break and took it to Southern California. The average 32 mpg was impressive, and even though we thought we'd need the six-cylinder engine in our new car, she said the four had more than enough power to handle our mountains.

Our 14-year-old is about 5-10 and said the rear seat left him with plenty of leg room and was very comfortable. Probably most impressive to me was that with the fold-down rear seat back they took his large cello case running it from the trunk through to half of the rear seat and still had room for three suitcases, and he sat on half of the rear seat. Not bad for a sedan.

This works for us, but we never have cared a whole lot about status symbols. We have neighbors who look down on us for what we drive, but that is more their failing (and completely wasting their money on cars they trade in every three years). We keep our cars until they die, and I'm certain our new acquisition will be with us for a good long time.

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