Reviews the 2013 GMC Terrain


GMC took some risks with the 2013 Terrain’s exterior styling, says reviewer Mike Hanley. Between its large grille — chrome on the top-of-the-line Denali trim — and exaggerated, blocky fender flares, the Terrain has a jarring look. Mike says GMC got some things right, though: The Terrain’s newly available 3.6-liter V-6 is significantly stronger than the older V-6. The crossover’s cornering ability got better too; it encourages you to push it even harder in turns.

2013 GMC Terrain Review

By Jennifer Newman | October 23, 2012 | Comments (13)



Man...harsh review.

Agent Mike

Damn that is one ugly car..


It is the ugliest car sold today. We test drove the Equinox twin and it was the poorest performing CUV among the ones we tried. We bought a new CRV - our first Honda and we love it.


Man, that thing is Honda Odyssey fugly...


The Ody is a huge sales success whereas you and the Terrain are not so much.


The Terrain is not meant to be a volume sales leader, the Equinox is. And, the Equinox is a "huge sales success."


The Honda CR-V is #1 in the segment. The Terrain and Equinox are failures unless your talking about being #1 Avis supplier. $40,000 Terrain now that's funny!

Volume Van

Escape is #1 in the segment with its Ecoboost. This is a very popular segment and it could challenge mid size sedans.


CR-Vs are great chic cars. You must me a chic, CT.

Gwen Staud

Getting ready to replace the grille for the second time on the 2013 Terrain. Love the car, hate the crap plastic grille.


just got rid of the crappy honda good luck with your stiff surf board seats hondas are so typical. All you Honda lovers need to step out the box a little !


Wow, did the same guy that designed the Aztek design the Terrain? How can a company that design great looking vehicles like their trucks and the original Acadia, not the new one, create something so ugly? Im an artist and I look at lines and proportions and both are not pleasing on the Terrain, the lines and proportions are similar on the Aztek, “UGLY”.
Not everybody have the same tastes but try to design a vehicle that appeal to the majority not the minority.

Do you know what hurts the American economy the most? Buying a car where the profits goto another countries economy and headquartered in another country.
I got rid of all my Hondas, they are loud, clunky, uncomfortable and not very reliable. Had to replace the transmissions in 2 before 100,000 miles, I don't have enough time to post all the other problems but they were 2005s so maybe they are better now.
I admit I got caught up in the Japanese hoopla and owned 6 new toyotas and 3 new hondas over the years and learned they are not that great. I now have 3 GM vehicles and they are much better vehicles than my previous Jap vehicles.
Heard the Fords and Chryslers are great vehicles too.
I knew Americans could do it.
All Americans
82nd ABN Div. :)


Some peoplle who have never driven the autos i am about to mention will get immediately defensive...Two cars ago i had a Mercedes C class, one car ago , an Audi and I would like to clearly state that the GMC Terrain is more comfortable, more user friendly and I really don't understand the comments about acceleration with the 2.4 engine, it merges and passes very wel. All this to say that maybe reviewers should live with a car for a while before making absurd comments and recommendations!!

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