2013 Toyota Avalon Pricing

Toyota's largest sedan gets fresh styling and a new hybrid model for 2013. When the redesigned Avalon goes on sale later this year, it will start at $31,785, including a $795 destination charge. Hybrid models will begin at $36,350, including destination.

The 2013 Toyota Avalon will be available in XLE, XLE Premium, XLE Touring and Limited trims. The hybrid is available on all but the base XLE model. The Avalon was previously available in base and Limited trims; base models started at $33,990. 

The gas-powered Avalon's 268-horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 is a carryover from last year; the all-new hybrid model uses a 2.5-liter four-cylinder and two electric motors for a total output of 200 hp. It has not yet been EPA rated but Toyota expects it to get 40/39 mpg city/highway.

The Avalon Hybrid has no direct competitors, but shoppers also could consider large cars like the Volkswagen Passat TDI (30/40 automatic; 31/43 mpg manual) or the 2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid (45/45 mpg).

Both gas and hybrid models go on sale in the beginning of December. Trim level pricing, including a $795 destination fee, and equipment is below.

Avalon XLE (gas):
Standard: Smart Key, 17-inch wheels, heated side mirrors, leather seats, touch-screen display, heated front seats and power driver and passenger seats.

Avalon XLE Premium (gas): $33,990
Adds: Backup camera, auto-dimming rearview mirror with compass, moonroof, garage-door opener and an Eco switch (hybrid models).

XLE Touring (gas): $36,295
Adds: Fog lamps, display audio with navigation and Entune multimedia system, blind spot warning system with rear cross-traffic alert, side mirror and driver’s seat memory, 18-inch alloy wheels (gas models), Eco switch (gas models) and paddle shifters (gas only).

Limited (gas): $40,445
Adds: High-intensity-discharge headlights, LED daytime running lights, premium leather seats, auto-dimming side mirrors, puddle lamps, rain-sensing wipers, ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, high-resolution touch-screen, JBL audio system, color climate-control screen, sunshade, rear climate controls and ambient lighting.

XLE Premium Hybrid: $36,350

XLE Touring Hybrid: $38,045

Limited Hybrid: $42,195

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wait until CR learns that their favorite automaker is going to touch sensitive controls. Somehow I predict that CR will come around to accepting such controls and then say Toyota has the best execution of the technology by far and the Avalon will still ace the reliability survey.

This is a nice car with a lot of features, but you have to step up to the XLE touring just to get stuff like fog lights and 18" wheels. Why? Also you need to spend $40k to get HIDs? While its not priced yet the Impala LTZ has them standard at what is surely to be a huge discount relative to this car.


Ok, that front is super ugly. Holy crap, where is the bleach for my eyes??? The rear end doesn't look too bad but man that front end.


the Hyundai Azera got together with a Camry....


There are competitors.
Impala is just one of them.


Comparing an Avis Impala to a Toyota Avalon - now that's funny! Toyota knows what they're doing more than a GM key board queen who whines endlessly about Cars.com staff being anti-GM.


that front end is hyundai on the bottom, and toyota on the top and they definitely don't play well together...

Volume Van

Why not this writer say that the competing model is Lexus ES Hybrid.

Very weird writing. Lincoln MKZ Hybrid goes against Lincoln ES Hybrid and the 2014 model is supposed to have 45 MPG with Lithium Battery.

Anyway, great job by Toyota in introducing their 11th Hybrid model.

Still very expensive.


My wife's 6 month old 2012 Sienna rattles like an old car. Every few days a new rattle emerges from somewhere else. Our Nissans and Hondas don't rattle like this poorly built Toyota. If this is Toyota's idea of quality, they can keep the Avalon and the rest of their models.


When you list competitors, why is it relatively competitive with the Passat and the MKZ? What is the difference in size or class? Because I believe there is more legroom and perhaps more cargo space in the Passat, so why is there a difference - neither is a luxury car, and I doubt the passenger space is that different. Same idea for the MKZ.

Can anyone explain this to me?


I read an article about this new Avalon at AutoBlog, and the byline read something like "Toyota wants Avalon to be the next Town Car"...The Town Car, while respected by many, was an outdated and grandma/grandpa perceived vehicle...if that's the image Toyota wants for the Avalon then so be it.

It looks amazing, but kind of expensive, isn't it?


"Comparing an Avis Impala to a Toyota Avalon - now that's funny! Toyota knows what they're doing more than a GM key board queen who whines endlessly about Cars.com staff being anti-GM."

I thought it was obvious I was talking about the 2014 model, the current impala doesnt offer HIDs and is clearly not as nice as this car. I didn't think I had to spell that out.


The main competitors for this car will be the Lacrosse, Azera, 300 and uplevel versions of Taurus and 2014 Impala. It would've been nice to see how its prices compare to 300/Azera/Lacrosse specifically. At $42k for the top model the Avalon is well into Lexus territory.


18" wheels are not a plus on the disintegrating roads.
Fog lights have been oversold. They are only useful at 'grope speed', like 5 mph, so you don't drive off the edge of the roadway. If used as most people use them, they hinder driving performance.
HIDs should be more available, considering that the AARP audience needs more light than halogen lights, even if they are HIR2 low beams.



I love when people make excuses for cars that make you pay a premium for non premium content. I never argued that 18" wheels or fog lights were essential, I said that you shouldn't have to pay $35k to get them on this car. This is 2012 so any claims that wheels larger than 17" lead to poor road quality are outdated. Time to catch up with reality. There are cars with 19" wheels that have compliant rides these days.


Hey Water Boy not every comment on this board is geared towards you.


Why don't you come to corrupt Illinois Territory (Illinois state is in violation of its 1818 agreement to be a state of the United States) and see how bad the roads are?
It isn't about wheel diameter, although that affects unsprung weight, it is about sidewall.
The previous 215/55 [17] sidewall was more than fine, but the tires should have been wider 235/50. So if Toyota is using 235/45 18s here that isn't really appropriate for their traditional purchaser.

You did make a decent point about HIDs. I think they should be standard on the XLE premium and higher trim levels.

"The Most American Cars Sold in America" is now the 1st Toyota engineered, designed, and develop in America, so it'll be keep on to be extra American than American cars

Least heavy & Most fuel effective car in the category

Study it and weep, haters! This car will sell a lot, to the intelligent customers, not to haters.

You want the greatest car in this category, the bucks end right here. Haters will need to get a new bus-pass.


I've been waiting for the new avalon like a mother does a new child. The riding quality seems like a good fit for my likes, but the front end look couldn't have surprised me more. Don't like it. Looks more like the front end of a feeding whale shark.

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