What Does This Button Do?

Hyundai’s Blue Link is a feature-heavy communications system with services such as emergency response, voice-activated navigation and the ability to remotely operate the door locks or start the engine through a smartphone application. Blue Link could have many more confusing buttons than the one puzzling center button on the rearview mirror.

Among the system’s three buttons on the 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT is a center icon showing a star at the end of a road. Were the Three Kings in the age-old Christmas-time story driving a Hyundai hatchback when they found baby Jesus beneath a star?

Nope, but it could help you find a store for holiday shopping. The button activates the navigation features of BlueLink.

The middle button accesses a voice prompt for Enhanced Navigation Services to alter guidance options on cars with navigation system, like establish a new route from saved destinations or find surrounding points of interest. The prompt also allows managing current navigation route and system options. On cars without navigation, the button accesses turn-by-turn guidance. The button is also used to activate Eco Coach, which sends a detailed report of gas mileage and carbon dioxide emissions to the Blue Link user’s online account.


Blue Link’s features are a paid service after the complimentary trial period on new cars. Prices range from $79 a year for the basic package to $279 a year for the full suite, though discounted rates apply for original owners. An explanation of the packages can be found here.

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I think that Hyundai's Blue Link could be very useful, but I feel that people buying cars with Blue Link should be taught about the system before using it. But Blue Link is a good way for Hyundai to give their consumers more bang for their buck by offering so many different things all being used in one system.

The car is only worth $800 according to Blue Book.I think that Hyundai's Blue Link could be very useful, Do you think I could get it done cheaper if I went to a neighborhood mechanic? Many thanks

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