Toyota Drops Four-Cylinder Sienna

The only minivan with a four-cylinder engine is losing it for the 2013 model year. Toyota's Sienna will only be available with its 3.5-liter V-6 this year.

"The four-cylinder was discontinued on the Sienna due to low customer demand. Less than 5% of Sienna buyers were choosing the four-cylinder," Toyota communications representative Sam Butto told

The minivan will again be offered in five grades: base, LE, SE, XLE and Limited. All-wheel drive is available on LE, XLE and Limited trims; the Sienna is the only minivan to offer it.

Other model-year 2013 Sienna news includes a newly standard three-zone automatic climate control system for LE models and a standard blind spot warning system for Limited and XLE trims.

Base versions of the 2013 Toyota Sienna start at $27,280, including an $845 destination charge. Model-year 2012 versions started at $25,905, but that was with the four-cylinder. Prices have actually gone up only slightly: model-year 2012 base V-6 versions started at $27,145.

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Low demand because it provided minimal efficiency improvement over the V6 and a major power deficit.

Good new! I drove one of these from North Carolina to Miami.. I ended dissapointed with the performance


How many times do manufacturers have to repeat the same mistake? A hard working smaller engine delivers less power and uses more fuel than a low-stressed, larger engine.


Sad to even know that Toyota even thought the four-cylinder had a chance on this van. Where was the market research? Who are the demographic that screamed loudest for four-cylinder minivans?


Mazda5 is not a minivan?


J- Indeed the Mazda 5 is four cylinder and most would agree it is sized appropriately for that setup.


The Mazda5 is in a class by itself. It could be called a microvan compared to the Ody, Sienna and Caravan.

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