Recall Alert: 2008-2010 Chevrolet Malibu and Pontiac G6, 2007-2010 Saturn Aura

GM is recalling 426,240 model-year 2008-10 Chevrolet Malibus and Pontiac G6s, along with model-year 2007-10 Saturn Aura sedans due to problems with the automatic transmission, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The affected vehicles are equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission with a faulty shift cable. The tabs on the cable may fracture, so the shift lever and the position of the transmission may not match. This could cause the car to roll away if the driver thinks it’s in Park and it isn’t, increasing the risk of a crash.

GM has not provided an owner notification schedule, but dealers will replace the affected parts free of charge. Owners can call GM at 800-521-7300 or NHTSA's vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236 for more info.

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There's that segment leading Chevy Malibu again.


All cars have recalls even "non" segment leaders!


And some cars have a lot more than others. I hope you enjoy your Malibu as I was glad to get rid of mine after the second transmission went out. My car had less than 60,000 miles.

I hope you enjoy your Malibu

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What about the G6 cars they are have the same problem with the fuel leak.


I have a G6 and actually noticed the gas smell a couple of weeks ago--- was in process of getting it into the shop when I heard about the recall--- the only problem is at this point-- the year 2006 wasn't included in the recall yet but has the same issues.

David, the fuel leak recall is on the Cobalt and G5, not the G6.


I have a 2008 Mailibu and received the recall notice last week. It says to contact my Chevy dealer in JANUARY 2013 to arrange an appointment. Why wait until January (over 30 days) to fix something that could possibly cause accident and/or injury??


Never again with GM, sent me letter about recall, "they are concern about my safety" on G6 but they are not doing anything for 1 more month, wait till January.
Had before Dodge was happy.


Its because anybody who buys chevy isnt smart enough to realize for is better! Dodge doesnt even compare to chevy and chevy doesnt even compare to ford. Gmc is just a gay man car so everyone here wouldnt have a safety issue or a recall if the just bought fords! There you go people!


In response to the post from LINDA on November 27....The dealer I went to did not replace the part in question. I have a paper from them stating that the recall did not apply to my car!!! This letter had my Malibu VIN on it. I guess my safety is not an issue.... Hmmmm


Same as letter in November warning of this dangerous problem, called dealer..don't have parts till January, which turned out to be January 22. Have owned Malibus for many years...will think twice next time. GM has become arrogant again jsut a short time after bankrupt. Also ad for Cadillac is irresponsible, but they brushed me off when I called.
Zero customer service or concern for customers.


Um, everyone complaining about the dealer has sadly misdirected anger. They are not concerned about anyones safety. Everyone should be aware that you operate a vehicle at your own risk. If you're too stupid to relize that something is wrong with your vehicle, something will go wrong. A recall is an act of good faith. Suck it up everyone and accept the free service that a recall has to offer.


Every manufacturer on the planet uses the same system. A recall is issued when a problem has been confirmed, and parts are dispersed to the dealers. Ordering parts to be manufactured, shipped to GM and shipped all over North America within a month - seems pretty quick to me. Toyota recently recalled Rav 4s. The letters were sent, and parts were not available for over 4 months. just saying


Have a 2008 malibu, cable just went out and car started moving after I put it in park. Could have killed someone.

I called dealer after finding this recall and they said my VIN was not on the recall list. I have filed with to include a wider range on the recall.

Deal said they will investigate as well as the Home office.


Has anyone had a recall notice concerning dipstick smells like gas and continous turnover when starting or not starting and getting enough fuel to accelerate


Baylis- I had the same issue. I was smelling gas or exhaust while accelerating and the car just didn't have much power, especially up a really small incline. My car almost died on me in the middle of the desert and a couple of days later the check engine light came on. Took it to auto zone to run the computer and it's the catalytic converter. I googled it and found that chevy has extended the warranty on the catalytic converter to 120, 000 miles or 10 years regardless of change of ownership. I called the Chevy dealer set up an appointment to get the catalytic converter and the gear shift replaced at no cost.


All of yall some crocs. Go to bed boa


I have not received any recall letters concerning my 2008 G6 convertible Just noticed while looking on my iPad I should get it in to the garage because there have been 3 recalls. Unbelievable!


September 5, 2014

I have not received any recall letter concerning my 2008 Malibu LTZ to fix the problems that may lead to safety problem. I want a immediate respond.


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