GM Halts Sale of Some 2013 Vehicles to Fix OnStar Glitch

A glitch in the OnStar system has caused GM to halt the sale of several 2013 vehicles, Automotive News reports.

A software problem is preventing OnStar's crash notification system from working in accidents that do not trigger airbag deployment. As a result, the OnStar call center isn't being alerted in certain types of accidents, like rear-end collisions.

The airbag system and the OnStar emergency button aren’t affected by the glitch. 

About 60,000 vehicles require a manual software update to fix the bug; most of them are on dealer lots. The nameplates affected include the 2013 Chevrolet Cruze, Equinox and Volt; the 2013 Cadillac XTS and ATS; the 2013 Buick Verano; and the 2013 GMC Terrain. Some 2012 Cadillac SRXs also are affected. 

GM notified dealers of the glitch last week and asked them to stop delivery until the issue was fixed, according to Automotive News. A GM spokesman told the trade paper that the fix should be wrapped up in the next couple of weeks.

GM Halts Deliveries of Certain 2012-13 Vehicles to Fix Software Glitch (Automotive News)
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Manual s/w update? Is it over the air update?


How about fixing the Volt situation first! For an auto manufacturer to emerge from bankruptcy and be willing to lose $49,000 on each Volt tells you how dysfunctional the company is.
One of my close friends works on Wall St as a discrete manufacturing analyst and recently said the word on the street is the numbers aren't there - GM will soon need another infusion of cash to stay afloat or will have no other choice but to do another restructuring with significant layoffs.
I think this OnStar glitch is the least of their problems.


They should have let the GM junks go bankrupt. Obama bailed them out with billions of dollars our tax money to save the unions for he can get votes from the unions.If they would have let GM filed bankruptcy, The doors would still be open but no unions. There is a law that when a company files bankruptcy they can reorganize and not be touched by past dept. The Democrats are lying to you people, Obama didnt save GM. Bankruptcy would have saved GM we would still have billions of Dallors of our tax dollars. Obama is looking for that Moron vote to keep him in office,
Wake up Obama Morons dont be a Moron and put him back in office.


I voted Obama in 2008 but will not be supporting him again. I see to many of my neighbors still looking for work due to the recession. One of my neighbors had to sell his prized '74 Vette. That broke my heart. I'm going across platform and voting Repub this time as it's all about the economy.


How did an OnStar glitch get pulled with Obama now?

On a side note, I did not expect a mess from 8 years can be fixed under 4 years.


Obama backed the GM bail-out, GM owns OnStar...but if I have to explain it...

The country would be much better off economically if we were back under Bush. It was a Clinton era policy (Community Reinvestment Act) that caused the economic downturn. You can't allow people to buy a house with 0% down and Clinton made that possible. For the record I voted for Clinton 2x and wished he was President today as the one we have is awful.

"I'll cut the deficit in half during my first term."


a) Bush began the bailout.
b) Bush spent boat loads of money to invade Iraq instead of spending it for you and me.
c) Clinton was one of the president that when the country had an economic surplus.
d) I would have voted for his wife instead of Obama if she was on the ticket.

But most important of all, this is a site about cars, and this article is about OnStar's software glitch. Political trolls need to stay out of here.


Anyone who thinks GM is losing 49K on the volt has never taken ECON 101, that goes to the Reuters intern that wrote the piece also.

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