Now Is the Time to Buy a Used Ford Crown Victoria

Late-model used-car prices continued their decline in September, the third straight month of retreat after a run-up in prices during the spring. From Aug. 1 to Sept. 1, prices declined, on average, $218 — about 1% — to $21,959, but prices for the Ford Crown Victoria dipped 12% over the same period.

The Crown Vic was last sold new to consumers as a 2007 model, but it managed to make this list of 2009-11 cars because it was still sold to fleet operators until production ended a year ago. The car's 12% price dip shaved nearly $1,700 from its average asking price. Its sibling, the Mercury Grand Marquis, had the second-largest price drop, an 8% decline that cut more than $1,300 from its average asking price. It appears sellers are itching to rid themselves of Ford's ubiquitous full-size sedans.

This series typically focuses on cars with the greatest price declines, but we did uncover a significant price spike for used Lexus RX 350s. The average asking price for the luxury crossover jumped nearly $6,000, and the 18% increase was more than triple the next biggest percentage increase. It's unclear what's driving this price surge, especially considering the crossover's styling has been significantly updated for the 2013 model year with Lexus' new hourglass grille design, making the difference between used and new models even more pronounced. Perhaps shoppers prefer the old look.

The chart below details the top 10 used cars from the 2009 to 2011 model years with the biggest price drops — as well as the 10 with the biggest increases. To be eligible for the list, a model needs to have 500 cars in's national inventory.

Top 10 Biggest Price Drops

Top 10 Biggest Price Increases

Source: used-car listings, 2009 to 2011 model years

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By Mike Hanley | September 27, 2012 | Comments (20)


My uncle was driving the car. I am aware of all his faults and qualities. The current price is really low for a car of this quality. Your article has encouraged me even more to buy it.

JJ Edmunds

I sold our 2007 Crown Vic to an individual earlier this year and was surprised at how much it brought with well over 150,000 miles on it.

But in reality the guy also got a pretty good deal because many of the failed parts had already been replaced either under warranty or by me.

So it changed hands with four brand new tires, new belts and hoses, new antifreeze, a new water pump and fanclutch, a new heaterfan motor, a completely rebuilt AC system, and a rebuilt radiator.

Since I had all the paperwork for the repairs, I asked $18K for it but settled for $15K, because the guy had just lost his job, which was about 5K more than what I expected to get.

I'm sure that the shortage of good used cars in Grand Junction had something to do with that.

And the new owner merrily went on his way, moving back to Georgia, towing a big U-Haul all the way. Can't do that with an econobox.

Volume Van

Its a big gas guzzler and a big waste.

Realizing this all Cabbies are moving to Prius.

The only time I ever got to drive one of these was last summer. It was black and the outside lane seemed to magically clear in front of me!

Ah, the good old Crown Vic, synonymous with law enforcement! While it may not be the most fuel efficient or attractive vehicle on the road, it’s hard to argue with such an astounding price drop.
It’s easy for those who car shop on a tight budget to focus on appearance or features, only to end up paying more than they bargained for with their auto loan.
You may need to evaluate if your driving habits are conducive to a Crown Vic (probably not the best choice if you commute 50+ miles per day). But the Crown Vic price drop underscores the importance of exploring vehicle options that may not be the most popular. When there’s inventory that needs ridding, it only helps your shopping budget.


Someone needs to pay me to get this pos boat.

Ike G.

For all you guys so concerned about mpg and green economy, the Crown Victoria is neither frugal nor green, but people will drive them until the wheels fall off. It's called comfort.

The people who actually worry about economy and mpg are such a small minority that the F150 and the Camry are still the overwhelming choice for the majority, along with their peers like the Silverado, RAM, Accord, Altima and Sonata.

Small, cramped econoboxes are great for those chronically short of money, but for those who can afford it, which is the majority of Americans, comfort ranks higher than mpg.

The cost of fuel is not even a consideration when you choose to buy a truck or large sedan.

And that is exactly why the Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis and the Lincoln Towncar remain in demand.

But true to fashion, even they will eventually wear out and will no longer be economically feasible to repair and keep running.

That will be a sad day indeed, when they crush the last Crown Victoria.


I really wished Ford had refreshed the Town Car/Crown Victoria and kept selling them. I had a Town Car as a rental last year, and it now a dream car of mine.


As for the statement "The Crown Vic was last sold new to consumers as a 2007 model", this is incorrect. The Crown Vic was in fact last sold new to consumers as a 2011 model. I work for Ford and just verified this.


Soakee, the Crown Vic was only sold to fleet buyers after the 2007 model year. The Grand Marquis though was sold until 2011 to consumers.

Master Drail

Ahh one of the most dependable American cars. I have owned a 91 previously and now own a 99 lx that I bought at 186k miles and am now at 245k 2 years later. I recently had to buy brand new axles, bearings and axle seals for it but otherwise i regularly service the vehicle when the alloted mileage comes around. They may not be the most fuel effecient but itll never leave you stranded on the side of the road if properly maintained and i have heard can run 500-600k miles and keep going. I recommend to anyone to buy them.


The 03 -2011 mercury marq is an exc buy now-maybe the best out there! Owned and respected by the elderly with low miles! An 03 with 75k mi or less can be had $5k or under-get 25mpg highway on reg, bullet proof engine/drive train, comfy, quiet and safer! Na, buy a Jap car with 150k and take your chances to keep up with the Jones!


Crown Vic, Grand Marq and Towncar have V8 engine and Truck chassis and may gulp a lot of gas.

If you drive sparsely, then buy it.


My '04 LX Sport may not get the mileage that a Cavalier would get, but I average about 18 mpg around town, and 25 on the highway. Considering the utility that it gives relative to seating and cargo, compared to that same Cavalier, I think it does quite well relative to fuel economy.

Not everyone is single and living in a metro area... just as an FYI.


Although I'm a GM owner, I give credit to Ford for making a car that defined durability and utility. Nobody can dismiss how valuable this car was to enforcement, transportation, and good old fashioned Americana. Granted some members of the senior crowd I know of generally owned these as their primary car, but they always loved them. This car became a dinosaur but I don't think anything will or could replace it's reputation. I read somewhere in Texas a municipality bought $7 million worth of these cars and have them in storage until needed in future years. The Charger looks bad, but these cars are/were the true workhorses. They really cannot be replaced. If Ford has a new turbo car to replace the Vic, I haven't seen one on the road yet.

Practicality and also consistency are the reasons that take pre-owned cars directly to the top.

bob butta

wait..wait..what?....yes its a bit of a gas guzzler--(just a bit)...but how old are u son?...the crown vic IS one of the MOST beautiful family size cars on the road...the Crown vic IS NOT a full size car...NOONE manufactures FULL size cars at all any more...Full size---have much larger wheel base than the 'mid size' crown vic, Lincoln, grand marquie. im 60 years me---NOONE makes full size cars vic, dodge charger, the remaining caprices, buick roadmasters are the ONLY automotbiles left on the road...everything else is a pickup truck, Sport Utility Vehicle, or Transportation Pod---electric cars are a one wants them..we doNOT need them...we need to get our president to open proper pipelines so that America can use its own oil...prius is a simpleton transportation pod that has no character, no personality...if I was hitchhickeing, id wave a prius off and thank the driver for his thoughfull ness...what a horrible blob of crap runs up and down our highways


Yeah yeah, and now I'm looking to buy ford vic. whether 2006 - 2009 .. I just want to drive it and travel.. it's my dream car!

bob butta

...heh...heh...I hear a Sam...hey u can get a crown vic in good running condition for is cheap too

bob butta

what is this I read about elderly driving crown vic...all ages drive crownvics,,,there is "THE CROWN VIC CLUB OF BALTIMORE".....they average 40 years old.....
these cars...grand marquie, crown vic, Lincoln towncar are what CARS always were in America...there were no front wheel drive four/six cylinder transportation pods....americans made cars for PEOPLE.....Japanese cars are wellbuilt but they have NO PASSION like American proper driven V8 automobiles

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