iPhone 5 Will Require Adapter in Some Cars


Today, Apple unveiled its iPhone 5, which goes on sale later this month. One feature possible iPhone 5 owners need to know is the smartphone's new Lightning connector that replaces the current 30-pin connector found on Apple's products like the iPhone 4S or 4.

Some cars from Hyundai and Kia to luxury brands like BMW and Audi have special cables or cradles designed for the current design. If you buy a new iPhone 5, you'll also need to purchase an adapter from Apple that allows the new smartphone to work with your — now outdated — car.


The adapter (above) is $29 and looks rather large. It will likely make a current cradle that's sized for an iPhone 4 impossible to use as it was intended.

Hyundai spokesman Jim Trainor said that Hyundai's latest models work without the use of a proprietary cable, but for those that do, he confirmed you'd need the new Apple adapter for full iPhone 5 integration.

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By David Thomas | September 12, 2012 | Comments (9)



I'm glad I have an Android. Apple just makes you spend more and more money; not just on accessories, but also the apps. The streaming bluetooth works just fine for me and it's wireless.

Aside from being an Anti-Apple "Fandroid", you've just proven how little you know, since Android phones don't even have that much connectivity in cars. You can plug in the headphone jack; you may even be able to plug in the USB, but you simply won't have the native control over the Android that you do with the iPhone in those cars.

Steaming Bluetooth? Not as good simply because it's slower than Wi-Fi. Use it as you wish; that doesn't mean it's the best for everyone else's purposes.


I have a 2012 Grand Cherokee and trust me...the streaming bluetooth works just fine as do the steering wheel controls integrated with the phone. Apple people seem to be in their own bubble and can't get past someone else's opinion on their mediocre device.


iPhone 5 lightning adapter works PERFECTLY in my 2012 C250 COMAND system. All controls work from COMAND controller including playlist selection, scrolling, etc.

apple fan

I received my iPhone 5 adapter today. I used it in my 2012 hyundai elantra. I works just fine. I was able to control the iPod via the steering wheel. Now the only difficulty will be finding a case that will allow me to connect the adapter without removing the case constantly.

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I have a '10 Hyundai Elantra, and the 30 pin-to-lightning adapter does not work for me. It will charge the phone, but I cannot play or control the music.


I have a Honda Civic 2012 and had the iphone 4s and was able to stream Pandora but now that I have the Iphone 5s I cannot stream Pandora anymore. Any ideas on what I can do. I don't have the bluetooth capability either just the USB cable support.


I have a New Model Santa Fe 2012 and a New Iphone 5s. I'm using a USB cable to 8pin (Ligthning) to conect the iphone with the car (Audio). The thing is that sometimes it works fine, sometimes it doesn't. I dont'k know what to do, should i buy the converter (30 to 8 pin) or should I must go to Hyundai to ask about any update???.
Plese, I would like to know what do you think.

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