Honda Fit's Backseat Design Creates Pit of Despair


In theory, the Honda Fit's second row — with bottom cushions that fold up for added storage on the go — sounds like a winner. After driving a Honda Fit for the summer and loading the backseat with my two school-age boys and all their stuff, it's a wannabe neat-freak's nightmare.

As one of the judges in's $16,000 Subcompact Shootout, I was impressed with the Fit's ability to carry cargo of all sizes; the flip-up cushions allow the Fit to haul taller items, like a kid's bike. The rear seats are hinged at the seat bight, where the back and bottom cushions meet, and the front of the bottom seat cushion is supported by foldable metal legs that remind me of a lawn chair.

It sounds great, but it's that design that has caused all sorts of problems in our family car, which serves as a rolling locker room for my baseball-playing son and his father (the coach).


In many backseats, there's no storage space under the bottom seat cushion. In the Fit, the space is oddly shaped — so far, I haven't found a bin that will fit securely under the seats — and it seems to create a black hole for kids' stuff.

Here's what I found in our Pit of Despair (as I like to call it) in one end-of-summer cleaning:

  • 2 baseballs
  • 1 pencil case
  • 1 pair of boys' shorts
  • 1 pair of baseball sliding shorts (clean, thankfully)
  • 3 baseball caps
  • 2 baseball trophies
  • 1 awards plaque
  • 1 T-shirt
  • 2 Clif bar wrappers
  • 2 empty Capri Sun pouches
  • 1 empty plastic cup with lid
  • 2 plastic bags
  • 1 empty Happy Meal bag
  • 1 snow scraper
  • Assorted food crumbs

On the plus side, when my boys were thirsty while in the car recently, they dug around in the black hole and managed to find an unopened bottle of Gatorade. Maybe the Pit of Despair serves a purpose occasionally.

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Brady Holt

But it's easy to clean, right? If I'm remembering the seat right, there's no space that's out of reach; you just flip up the rear seat cushion.


So it is the Honda Fit's fault that your kids treat the car like a garbage can? Sounds like a parenting problem...


wow, that guy above is an ass...probably doesn't have kids.


"pit of despair" - a timely reference to the 25th anniversary of The Princess Bride?


I would hang myself if I had to drive the ugly Fit. Same goes for the Volt. Two of the ugliest vehicles not he market now that the Rondo has died.


Although it's a fun to read article, I can't help but wonder if you let your kids trash the car for the purposes of writing an article or if you just let your kids trash your cars. Hopefully, it's the former. If it's the latter, your kids need some home training.


"2 Clif bar wrappers
2 empty Capri Sun pouches"

These are clear indications that the author did not do a really good job of children discipline.

If I ever did this, it would had been catastrophic.

Quit blaming the vehicle, but yourself and your way of teaching your kids.


Jennifer I think you should stop writing your reviews. You need a truck or a bus. Or kids taking there stuff and keeping it vlean. Its storage not a toy box. I find the Honda Fit spacious. What is your problem?


Is the Fit going to be responsible if your kids also get poor grades?

kids are gonna enjoy the Honda fit though you guys have highlighted many problem upfront still kids are gonna avoid them

Jim Merit

At least you didn't find any beer cans or used condoms.


Not sure what the point of this article was really as every car would produce the same items in your back seat. The 2009 Fit is our family car (only car) with a 5 year old and 3 year old and we have no plans of ever getting a another vehicle. I just rode in my buddy's Equinox and it felt no bigger than the Fit inside. Families just can't resist SUVs and vans. I will drive my paid off Fit for another 10 years and give it to my son when he is 16 with 250,000 kms on it (70,000 so far).

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