Europe and Japan Get Mazda6 Wagon for 2014

A wagon version of the Mazda6 is back — but only in Europe and Japan. On the heels of the new Mazda6 sedan reveal, the automaker took the wraps off of the 2014 Mazda6 wagon ahead of its official debut later this month at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

A wagon version of the midsize car hasn't been in the automaker's U.S. lineup since 2007, and so far, there's no plan for it to return. As if that wasn't bad enough, the wagon will be powered by Mazda's Skyactiv-D 2.2-liter diesel engine; it's been rumored that the U.S. should see this engine soon, but it hasn't happened yet.

Other engines include a 2.0-liter or 2.5-liter gasoline four-cylinders.

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2014 Mazda6 Wagon

2014 Mazda6 Wagon

2014 Mazda6 Wagon

2014 Mazda6 Wagon

2014 Mazda6 Wagon

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Volume Van

Looks great, does this model will also have the capacitor to capture energy.

Wagons are so functional and have lot of cargo space, I dont know why Americans are not buying this.


I think the average family size in America is larger than that in Europe/Japan; that could explain why wagons as family cars haven't caught on as much. My wife's Suburban, while admittedly in a completely different price bracket than this, is infinitely roomier. Heck, so is the Chrysler Town & Country, which IS in a similar price bracket. Wagons are great for one or two kids, but 3+ and minivans/SUVs are the way to go.


Stunning! One of the nicest looking wagons ever. Mazda really needs to bring this to the US to help differentiate itself from competitors. They would be just about the only one to offer a wagon.


How about Mazda USA allowing one to special order 2014 turbo diesel wagon. I'd be willing to wait for it to come over on the boat along with the rest of the mazdas. How hard would it be for Mazda to implement this?


Come support the lobby to bring the Wagon back!!

Troy Thiel

wowsers...pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease bring this to the diesel too!

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