Chrysler Gives Dealers Sneak Peek of 66 Future Cars


Chrysler unveiled 66 cars in its product pipeline at a private dealer meeting Monday in Las Vegas, Reuters reports. One dealer said it "was like a lovefest" as representatives from some 2,600 global dealerships — the vast majority based in the U.S. — beheld a two-tiered stage of future products at the MGM Grand hotel.

Among the cars that dealers shared with Reuters:

  • A redesigned Chrysler 200 that departs from the current Sebring-derived 200. Dealers said it looks a lot like the 2013 Dodge Dart.
  • A subcompact Chrysler 100.
  • A subcompact Jeep crossover, plus redesigns of the Compass, Patriot and Liberty that follow styling cues of the current Grand Cherokee.
  • Two Alfa Romeo cars that Chrysler will sell in Fiat showrooms.

Chrysler officials wouldn't comment to Reuters on the story, but during the last closed-door dealer meeting about future products — in Florida in 2010 — the automaker unveiled the current 200 and Town & Country, along with the Jeep Patriot and Fiat 500. The reporting on that meeting turned out pretty accurate, so we're inclined to think these products are legit. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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I hope they bring back the LHS!


I hope they bring back the LeBaron and New Yorker. HA


I hope they bring the XJ Cherokee back!!!


Unless they didn't mention a model, it sounds like there'll be a hole in the Chrysler lineup. Subcompact 100, full-size 300, I'm assuming the 200 will once again be mid-sized. No compact? Maybe they don't want to overlap with the Dart?


"I hope they bring the XJ Cherokee back!!!"

I second that!


Sounds a bit dumb if the new Chrysler 200 is a Dodge Dart clone...



It has been confirmed elsewhere that the new 200 (and the new Jeeps) will be on an entirely new platform co-developed and to be shared by Fiat and Chrysler. The Dart is on an existing Alfa Romeo platform. At most, I wouldn't expect them to share more than maybe the Dart's turbo engine + transmission.

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