Reviews the 2013 Honda Accord


Last week, Honda released full details about the redesigned 2013 Honda Accord sedan and coupe. They also let us test-drive an array of trim levels of both body styles. Reviewer Kelsey Mays found the interior vastly improved, but there were a few changes he could do without. The sedan goes on sale Sept. 19, so start your research now.

2013 Honda Accord Review



it wouldve been nice to hear about observed MPGS. I am very doubtful of these EPA ratings on many new cars. I havent seen a review in which the Sonata or Altima actually matches the impressive EPA ratings. Insideline only got 26.3mpgs on their Accord test car in mixed driving over 500+ miles. That is well short of the 30mpg EPA combined figure. Something is not adding up with regards to the lofty EPA figures on many vehicles that have debuted over the last couple of years.

Glad the lack of split seat was noted, its inexcusable in 2012 and Honda has long REFUSED to add this feature. Also, Honda (along with it's counterparts from Japan) continues to use the cheap gooseneck hinges in the trunk. This is something that american cars were ridiculed for in the 90s. The Malibu has Euro style hinges that recess into the trunk while Ford and others use the strut design that doesn't impede on trunk space when the decklid is closed. Im also baffled by the way the features are separated on the Accord. The Sport model is the best looking, yet cant be had with mooonroof or push button start or navigation. Thats insane.


Thanks for maintaining the manny tranny. Thanks for the flat floored trunk.

Looks like Honda went back to what it was known for - airy feeling cabin due to low cowl height and large greenhouse. That's unique in this day and age where the "I'm sitting in a tub and looking out of gunslits" is typical.


camry still has an upright greenhouse. Not so for the Korean or domestic entries however.

P Pirates

If only the Accord was as good as the segment leading Chevy Malibu. Did you know that Chevy has had to add shifts just to keep up with the unbelievable demand?

what a look! really a dashing one. I hope that even features are not too bad

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