Reviews the 2013 Ford Fusion


With plenty of new competition in the midsize family-sedan category, Ford needed to come up with a good way to distinguish its new Fusion sedan from the rest — and distinguished it is. The new Fusion is far more stylish and fun to drive compared with the rest of the pack, from the Nissan Altima to the Toyota Camry, says reviewer David Thomas. The new front seats and driver’s controls leave something to be desired, though.

2013 Ford Fusion Review

By Colin Bird | September 24, 2012 | Comments (18)



Was hoping for your own photography and not Ford media photos. The main post has one of yours so you must have more.


the pics of the interior weren't their photos?

Strong entry across the board and when you consider how much an extra $1000 or $2000 is in a monthly payment I wouldnt mind paying more vs Camry/Accord. Honestly, the Camry isnt even in the discussion as far as Im concerned. Accord is more competitive due to value and nicer interior. The only negatives for this car are the lack of color choices for interior and the blandness of the MFT center console.


The $64,000 dollar question is can the new Ford Fusion unseat the industry leader Chevrolet Malibu.


none of these cars are "industry leading". There is near parity amongst these cars. Comes down to preferences of styling and pricing. No one car is leaps and bounds better than the pack.


The Malibu is best because Chevrolet has best in class engineering. No other car offers Chevrolet Ecotechnology providing highest power and best gas mileage.


the eco model has only 182hp. Thats less than stated hp of Sonata (although Sonata hp isnt SAE rated) and the base Malibu 2.5. Best mileage awards go to Altima (non hybrid) and Fusion hybrid.

I've been very impressed recently with the styling choices that Ford has made with respect to the Fusion. Very unlike cars such as the RX-8 by Mazda.(I don't like the bubbly fenders)

I definitely planned on more photos but there were some logistics issues and the images from Ford were shot during the event I attended. Basically, I wanted to drive more while still making sure I got a lot of images of things like the base stereo and gauges that you can't find easily from the automaker.

We'll have more shots when the car hits our test fleet in Chicago. We'll even do a photo gallery if there's demand.


I can't wait to see if does some type of shoot-out with the Fusion, Accord, Camry, Optima, Altima, Sonata, or Legacy.


Thanks. I like to see real photos of cars that aren't staged.

Hmmm...that sounds like a good idea...

Everyone want to get more luxury cars at the time of participate in any big function. I like 2013 ford cars model. Corporate Cars


It's interesting that each [gas] engine has different highway/city epa ratings, yet they still come out to the same combined number. If that holds true in the real world, there's no need to spend extra for the 1.6L and no guilt in getting the power of the 2.0L



The numbers in the article are wrong. Check the EPA's website instead. 2.0L and 2.5L are both 26, but the 1.6L auto is 28 and 1.6L manual is 29. The 1.6L is definitely the way to go on this car - and despite similar PEAK power output, the torque curve will be much flatter than the 2.5L, resulting in a faster and more drivable car.


the three engines shouldnt have the same EPA combined figure. The 1.6 is most efficient while the 2.5 and the 2.0T have nearly identical ratings. The best part about the 2.0T is that you get all that extra power with the same mileage as the base 175hp engine.


Thanks for the correction. I would personally buy the 2.5L, however, I'm sure Ford forces you to another engine to get most desirable features. The base engine shouldn't be a dog in this car (it moved previous versions of the car just fine and a similar version is also powerful enough for the larger Mazda6). I love the trend of improving fuel efficiency while maintaining or improving performance, but it will take a while to pay back the extra cost with just a 2 mpg difference.


The 2.5L can be had on the SE, but as you stated its not available with many options. 2.5 will be the fleet engine basically.


Well, you're getting both improved fuel economy and improved performance and drivability. From my perspective, if I were going to outlay that kind of money for a new car, I'd probably pay the extra little bit to get exactly what I wanted rather than skimping and still paying over 20k for something with a last-generation driveline and decontented interior.

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