GM Confirms New GMC Canyon, Plus Nine New or Updated Cars by End of 2013

In a conference call minutes ago, GM confirmed a redesigned GMC Canyon will roll off the assembly line at the automaker's Wentzville, Mo., plant at some point down the road. Officials at Buick and GMC also confirmed nine new or refreshed products coming from the brands by the end of 2013.

We've already seen the refreshed GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave, as well as the new Buick Encore. But GM confirmed updates, as expected, on GMC's full-size trucks and SUVs: the GMC Yukon and Yukon XL SUVs, as well as the Sierra and Sierra HD pickups. Expect significant updates or full redesigns to the Buick Regal and LaCrosse, too.

"The Terrain and Verano will be the oldest non-commercial models for each brand in the showroom at the end of 2013," Buick and GMC marketing chief Tony DiSalle told reporters.

DiSalle would not specify the next Canyon's timing, but it means GM will forge ahead in a market its Detroit competitors have left. The truck will all but certainly be a close sibling to the Chevrolet Colorado, for which GM unveiled an international redesign late last year. But midsize pickup sales have languished as pickup shoppers head to full-size trucks. Compact and midsize pickup sales have stayed roughly flat through August, while full-size siblings increased 11.8% — and shoppers this year have bought more than five full-size pickups for every compact or midsize truck.

No matter: "We believe that introducing a new, agile and efficient midsize Canyon will meet the needs of many pickup buyers," DiSalle said.

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Regal and lacrosse are getting updated in the sense that the Enclave was updated. They wont be all new.


Is the GMC Granite ever going to see the light of day? It received rave reviews a few years ago.


there hasnt been much chatter or any spy shots on that so Im guessing they dont want two tiny SUVs in Buick/GMC showrooms.


I think this is good news for the economical truck segment.

I'd also like to see GM sell something along the same lines as the Nissan NV200 and Ford Transit Connect for those who need a commercial van, but don't need a full size.


It's sad to see them still relying on trucks but at least they're redoing the Regal which is a bust. I'd suggest them also restyling the Terrain but maybe next time around.


GMC is a truck brand, they are likely going to stick to trucks and SUVs. Terrain is doing well and has been a success. Unlike most CUVs in its price range, it actually stands out and apparently people like that.


GMC, like Jeep, Ram, and the late Hummer, doesn't have a choice other than to build trucks/crossovers/work vehicles. However, I could see one of those companies getting away with a hardcore wagon (think heavy duty Outback).


they have got to keep the 5.3L an option. is's so powerfull and not in a huge vehicle (the colorado is light compared to the full-sized truck and yukons). i am kida a fan of GM and really would like and updated to thens cars i hope it is for the better of GM.


Why keep GMC when there was Pontiac.
GMC's lineup was all found in Chevy.


gmc has more options than chevy but i kida agree with J i loved the G8

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