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Volvo has made strides over the years and now prices and markets its vehicles against German luxury rivals. But can a Volvo really stack up against a BMW or an Audi? In many respects, the Volvo S60 is a Swedish luxury car that can compete, especially in two important categories, according to Cars.com reviewer David Thomas.

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By Colin Bird | September 27, 2012 | Comments (6)



Good review, but Dave you misspoke at 2:40 regarding which brands get four and five stars. You said the Audi gets five stars and then you said the Audi gets four stars. Also, how about more information on the seats? How does their comfort level compare to BMW and Audi? Back when volvos were boxy they built a reputation of having the most comfortable seats in the business. Is that still the case? Thanks.

I, too, am interested in the comfiness of Volvo seats. I've been in one before, and it was moderately comfy.


My husband has the S60 T5 and the seats are super comfy for long trips 3K in it for one trip last year and it was great! (my C30 is also really comfy but his seats are a electric adjustments which makes it a bit nicer on long rides as you want to relax more or less etc at just the touch of a button.)


We have owned several Volvos, Now we have XC70's, yes 2. They are super comfy! We are Volvo owners for life. And their safety is another great reason to buy one.


The volvo destroys the competition in Safety. Check out the recent IIHS tests small overlap test. Volvo also has lowest cost of ownership, uses regular fuel, and has the lowest insurance cost in its class. There is no comparison to the S60.

I have a 2012 S60. I test-drove every car in the same class, including Lexus, but S60 won hands down. Since I have a prolapsed cervical disk, the seats have to be as good as possible. I have no complaints about my S60, love it, love it, love it!

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