2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Rated at 47 MPG

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

When the new 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid goes on sale later this fall, it will do so with a 47/47/47 mpg city/highway/combined rating from the EPA under its more stringent five-cycle testing methodology. The Fusion SE Hybrid starts at $27,995, including destination.

That's a big improvement over the 2012 Fusion Hybrid, which gets 41/36/39 mpg. The new Fusion Hybrid's gas mileage also beats other midsize family sedan hybrids, like the 2013 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE (43/39/41 mpg), 2013 Kia Optima Hybrid and the 2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid (both rated at 35/40/37 mpg). The 2014 Honda Accord will have hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions, but there's no word yet on their gas mileage.

While the Fusion Hybrid offers exemplary fuel-economy figures for a hybrid family sedan — figures that nearly rival the Toyota Prius' figures — unfortunately, the gasoline-only Ford Fusions offer fairly mediocre gas-mileage figures compared with new models like the Nissan Altima and Honda Accord.

All Fusion Hybrids come equipped with a 141-horsepower, 2.0-liter inline-four-cylinder and a 118-hp electric motor/generator mated to a continuously variable automatic transmission. There's a regenerative braking system and a high-voltage lithium-ion battery for power storage. The Fusion Hybrid also has active grille shutters and an aerodynamic underbody kit. Along with boasting great fuel-economy figures, the hybrid system can travel on electric-only power at speeds up to 62 mph.

The Fusion SE Hybrid also comes equipped with leather upholstery, heated front seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, Sync, MyFord Touch, a 10-way power driver's seat and 17-inch alloy wheels. A leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter, 18-inch alloy wheels, a navigation system, moonroof and adaptive cruise control are optional.

All Fusion Hybrids will be built in Mexico; the regular Fusion is built in Mexico and Michigan.

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Wow, 47 MPG combined, Lithium battery. Thats way ahead of Camry-H.

Expect Fusion to overtake Camry-H in sales, but it will not come closer to Prius, but this job will be taken over by C-Max which offers more space than Prius.


I love the Ford C-Max but so far in all the test drives I've read the mileage falls far short of the Prius. This Fusion is very impressive and I'm so glad Ford didn't rip-off the tax payer like GM did.


I just read a review at Auto Trader where they got 49 MPG.

I think most of the test drives of the C-Max Hybrid have been really short. When I have driven a Prius Gen II for only short drives I can get it down to 36 MPG. I normally get between 45 and 50 MPG on the Prius.



How is 39 mpg combined better than the Camry's 41?


Go Ford and Fusion. However, I doubt this will overtake the Camry hybrid right away. I am very much interested in the C-max as well but I want to know that Ford's tech is proven and reliable.

And GM's comparable entry is the .... (crickets)


Now we're at last getting something useful with this nice Hybrid from Ford. In ten years time we could be looking at 60mpg+.

One thing I'd keep in mind is the comparision done between the Fusion & the Prius for last year in regards to ride comfort. Review read in part the Prius does not have anywhere near the comfortable ride the Fusion as. So for me if the new Fusion still has a much better ride comfort than the Prius but mileage in the Fusion is only a few mpgs less than Prius, I'm picking the Fusion.


It's shocking how Ford is leaving GM in the dust with their new vehicles. GM needs to hire Ford's CEO.

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I really appreciate Ford actually made an attractive Hybrid car. And did so with only borrowing minimal tax payer dollars.


As for the 2013 Ford Fusion vs Toyota Camry hybrid comparisons, ~ check Camry's lower price, check Camry's larger trunk room, check Camry's 17 gal tank and further driving ranch, check actual mpg ratings, etc. Look at Fox News report: http://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2012/11/20/ford-hybrids-fuel-economy-failing-to-live-up-to-epa-ratings/ Our 2012 Camry hybrid's actual mpg is currently 41.3 mpg after one year's use (dashboard reading 42.8 mpg).


I went to two Ford dealerships and they do not have the Fusion Hybrid available. They are more than willing to take a $500 deposit and call you in 8 weeks or more when the car may come in!There is nothing to even test drive. They are on PRODUCTION HOLD!


The C-max EPA rating of 47/47/47 is grossly overexaggerated. Their Energi (plugin C-max) is rated at 44/41 when on gas only which is about what the regular c-max should be rated as well, but isn't.

40.8MPG real world average for the C-max, 42.4MPG real world average for the Prius V on Fuelly. On the government site 'Fueleconomy', the real world average from users who submitted MPG: C-max: 39.1MPG Prius V: 43MPG.

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