2013 Dodge Dart Aero Rated at 41 MPG

2013 Dodge Dart

The EPA released gas-mileage figures for the most fuel-efficient Dodge Dart powertrain, the Dart Aero.

The model will get 28/41/32 mpg city/highway/combined with a six-speed manual transmission. The six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission will net 28/40/32 mpg. However, the Aero achieves these figures while sipping on premium gasoline, which will likely be a major detractor for compact-car shoppers.

A regular Dodge Dart gets between 24/34 mpg and 27/37 mpg with an automatic transmission, so the Aero is a big highway jump, though the city mileage is only a modest increase. The Dart Aero gets about the same gas mileage as the 2013 Chevrolet Cruze Eco (26/39 mpg), 2013 Ford Focus SFE (28/40 mpg) and the 2013 Mazda3 (28/40 mpg) when all are equipped with an automatic transmission.

The Aero uses the regular turbocharged 1.4-liter MultiAir inline-four-cylinder that comes on some SXT, Rallye and Limited trims.

We don’t know much else about the Dart Aero, including features or pricing. An active grille-shutter system and underbody aerodynamic treatments, which are already applied to some Dart models, will likely make it to the Aero as well.

The model will launch sometime this fall. We’ll have more info on the Dart Aero when it becomes available.

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By Colin Bird | September 18, 2012 | Comments (9)



the Mazda3 and Hyundai Elantra are still the cars to beat...Detroit needs to learn how to take weight out of its vehicles. cars in this class, and the class above, don't need and shouldnt feel as solid as a 3-series or be as quiet as an ES.


This is a joke, right?
Premium to get 41, and a stick shift on top of that?

Which means, it is only for show to the government and not the majority of the buying public.


Premium!? Bummer. MPG is good, but miles per $ is really the core issue for most people. It may still be worth it, but similar mileage in regular fuel will win out.


taking weight out will definitely improve the city mileage, but the effect on highway mileage is far less. aerodynamics are more important on the highway.

the need for premium gas is unfortunate, but i disagree about the use of a manual being a deal breaker. if people will take the time to learn, they are so much more fun to drive.

as for the hyundai elantra and mazda3 being the ones to beat...i have yet to read a review, or long term test, that gets anywhere near the epa ratings.


cody: I know of no one who drives a stick in my circle. Bummer, though. I'd like to learn.


lol, actually my cruze eco has the 6sp manual. i test drove both the manual and automatic, and the manual was much more responsive and got better mileage to boot.


The automatic only changes highway MPG by 1 and the combined is still the same, I don't think that would be a deal breaker for anyone. However, the premium fuel requirement would definitely be enough to sway me to another model if I was on the fence.


Plenty of people still drive sticks. I see a ton of Cruze Ecos on the road - all stick shifts. People who want the fuel economy are willing to shift to get it.

As for the premium fuel...are you kidding me? That's ridiculous. I bet the people in Washington who cut the deal with Fiat are fuming too. Enviromaniacs won't care, but the everyday buyer concerned about their pocket books will head over to Chevy, Ford, Hyundai or anyone else offering 40+ with regular fuel. Majorly dumb and bad move Fiat/Chrysler.


I get the 28/41/32 mpg city/highway/combined on REGULAR octane. I only put premium in about every 3-4 months. When I bought my car, it had 8 miles on it. Now, I'm pushing almost 8g. This is a great family car, has a kickin sound system (when driving solo), and can flip a U on a dime. But I don't need premium to get the quoted mpg. You just have to know how to drive your vehicle.

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