2013 Buick Encore to Start at $24,950


When the 2013 Buick Encore hits dealerships early next year, front-wheel-drive versions will start at $24,950, including a $750 destination charge. Standard features include 18-inch wheels, a backup camera, a power driver’s seat and a 7-inch dashboard screen with Buick’s IntelliLink system, which Buick announced last year will become standard across the lineup. Various equipment groups add more features:

  • The Convenience Group ($25,760) adds dual-zone automatic climate control, a household power outlet, auto-dimming rearview mirror, remote start and fog lights.
  • The Leather Group ($27,460) adds everything above plus a power passenger seat, a memory driver’s seat and heated leather upholstery.
  • The Premium Group ($28,940) adds everything above plus front and rear park assist, forward collision and lane-departure warning systems, rain-sensing wipers, Bose audio and some cargo accessories.
All-wheel drive is an extra $1,500, and standalone options include an IntelliLink-integrated navigation system ($795), chrome wheels ($995), a moonroof ($800) and Bose audio ($595 below the Premium group). A loaded Encore Premium should top out around $33,000. Buick’s pricing positions the Encore closer to non-luxury compact SUVs like the Ford Escape ($22,470 to around $38,000 with all factory options) than entry-level luxury SUVs like the Acura RDX ($33,780 to around $39,000) or BMW X1 ($31,545 to more than $50,000).

The Encore’s sole drivetrain is a 138-horsepower, turbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder and six-speed automatic transmission. Those are modest numbers in a crowd that boasts larger turbocharged four-cylinders or even V-6s, but the front-drive Encore’s EPA-estimated 25/33 mpg city/highway rating should bolster its attraction. The EPA has yet to rate the all-wheel-drive Encore.

2013 Buick Encore: Up Close
2013 Buick Encore Rated at 33 MPG Highway
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By Kelsey Mays | September 20, 2012 | Comments (16)



really closest competitors would be Rogue, Escape 1.6T or CX-5.


My parents just bought a Verano and it's an amazing deal. I just don't see how the encore is worth the money, as this should be sold as a chevy Baja etc as an entry level compact suv for college kids below the equinox. The should've rebadged and sold the equinox as the encore. This opel mini suv is just too small to be priced at $24,000 and wear a Buick Badge to be worth the value. But a Equinox based one makes sense.


im guessing its not a rebadged equinox because the Terrain already exists in that role. This is definitely a niche vehicle, I cant imagine high volumes for such a small CUV.


What is GM smoking? Overpriced and ugly is no way to win over consumers. Especially when the underlying FWD architecture is derived from the cheap Sonic.

Nice, very nice! and the best, its price and the MPG, 33 is so good for an SUV. I wonder where it is coming to the US?



Do you really think the average consumer knows or cares about what platform supports this vehicle? Or any vehicle? This looks nothing like the Sonic and has a nicer interior and more space, thats all that matters to retail consumers.


Buick's current styling doesn't work on a vehicle this small. It looks crumpled up like you made a fishy face with the Enclave.




I think the price is ok for the features, but I wonder what the engine will feel like. The CX-5 is frequently dinged for its lack of power, granted it is larger. The Mazda is not only larger but also more powerful, yet it achieves an extra MPG (combined). I think there should be an optional engine if Buick wants to appeal to "near luxury" buyers.


Rogue, CX-5 and Excape are all bigger, have more HP and at least the CX-5 gets better MPG. This thing is tiny and you would expect better MPG from it. It's going to be pretty anemic to drive.

If Buick wants to be considered more of premium car, it should be comparing it to other premium tiny CUVs which I can only think of the X1 at the moment. The X1 is a totally different animal with 240hp and 8spd tranny and similar MPG. Fairly well equipped the X1 can be had for about $36-$38k. Only about $3-5k more than the Encore. No comparison. The Encore will end up being discounted heavily and will be for little old ladies that want a higher seated vehicle to get into and out of and idle on over to the hairdresser.


the FWD Encore isnt much heavier than the the Cruze so acceleration shouldnt be terrible. The average compact crossover needs about 9 secs to hit 60 with a base I4 engine. This should be in the same neighborhood. The Cruze has one of the worst power to weight ratios in its class but its acceleration is pretty good. Why? 6 speed auto and available torque.

How is $38k only a few grand more than the Encore? Must be that new math. Anyone willing to spend $38k isnt looking at this vehicle which starts at $24k.


GM should change the name from Encore to Medicore. 100 less hp yet gets the same mpg as an X1! I love that GM sense of humor.

Volume Van

Sub Compact CUVs are the latest segment and this will be joined by Fiat 500L and few other models.

V4 engine is more than enough for a vehicle of this size.

Still this vehicle could offer more space and also the luxury of Buick.

Buy and enjoy.


Should have sold the Trax here just like Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the freaking world!


We'll see how pokey it is and not depend on you're biased estimates. Part of my point was that there really isn't much to compare this to at all. Maybe if Nissan made a CUV out of a Versa or Honda made one out of the Fix they might be comparable. Oh, maybe the Mini Countryman or whatever it's called but I think that has a lot more HP and handling that the Encore will obviously not have.

I was comparing a loaded Encore($33k) to a decently equipped X1($36k-38k). That is $3k-$5k more which IMO to most people willing to pay over thirty grand for a vehicle IS a few thousand dollars. No "new math" involved...just common sense. You can actually buy(however not likely) an X1 for less than a completely loaded Encore but I'm sure there would very few ordered that way. Just like there will probably be very few $24k base Encores sold either.


140 HP for a 3,300 lb. vehicle = total fail. Way to go Buick.

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