2013 Buick Enclave Starts at $39,270

Model-year 2013 pricing for GM's midsize crossovers is slowly rolling out. It was the updated GMC Acadia on Wednesday. Today, it's the Acadia's upscale sibling, the 2013 Buick Enclave.

The three-row crossover will start at $39,270 including an $825 destination charge. It's up about $2,000 compared to the 2012 model, but the new version includes more standard equipment.

For the new model year, the Enclave gets a refreshed exterior with LED-accented head- and taillights, an upgraded interior and GM's new multimedia system, IntelliLink. More standard features also join its equipment list, like a new center airbag for front-row passengers, a backup camera and a rear parking assist system.

Two other equipment groups will be available for 2013.

  • Leather Group (starts at $43,285): Adds leather-appointed upholstery, heated front seats, an eight-way power passenger seat, memory seat settings and Side Blind Zone Alert with Cross Traffic Alert.
  • Premium Group (starts at $46,450): Adds 19-inch chrome-clad wheels, articulating headlamps, a Bose premium audio system, cooled front seats, power-folding side mirrors and a power tilting/telescoping steering column.

Standalone options include all-wheel drive ($2,000), navigation ($795-$1,540 depending on model) and a trailering package ($525). The 2013 Buick Enclave goes on sale this fall.

2013 Buick Enclave at 2012 New York Auto Show
2013 GMC Acadia Priced at $34,875
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Anonymous Coward

Leather isn't standard at the $40k price point?


such is the case on many "luxury" vehicles these days. Even ones costing more than this.

When I saw this SUV for first time a couple years ago I thought, yeah it's worth it, but now, with so many SUVs in the market with the same equipment for less of that ridiculous price, I've changed my view about the Enclave. But yeap, it looks nice.


Is it any wonder GM is headed for bankruptcy once again?


$40k - $50k for a bloated, poorly styled, derivative design. Quality will likely be as spotty as the rest of the lineup.


NOOO!!! They jacked up the price so much! i'm getting a 2012 model year. -_- Even if it doesn't have the LED lights.


Ugly exterior, cheap dated interior, higher price, and cheap chrome wheels to boot. Yeah that's today's GM.


How come i have never seen a Buick dealer, it's not that i live in the boonies. I can imagine the facial expression on the other senior citizens when one of them shows up in their new On-clay.

Anonymous Coward

Don't get me started on the cheap chrome wheels. GM seems to want to add a lot of bling to their vehicles these days. Even something as pedestrian as a Malibu can be had with them.


MAN!!! That's alot of bread for a .......Buick. My boss just picked up a new GMC Acadia a month ago after trading his Silverado in and has really been disappointed with only getting 18 highway MPG so far. Maybe it needs to break in yet, but the fancy exhaust tips were already black. After looking up the weight, I can see why. Buick drivers probally don't care what gas costs after dropping that much coin on a SUV anyway.


these things weigh close to 5000lbs so 18mpg is probably about what you're going to get. The EPA ratings are VERY optimistic on these crossovers.


Oh my goodness! What is up with all these people hating on Buick? How is the interior cheap? the only things I see are cheap are the door handle surrounds and old GM corporate steering wheel and that's it!!! The dash is padded, there's not any cheap plastics that I can see of, and there's plenty of wood. And how can chrome wheels be cheap? They're not exactly the most tasteful things out there, but cheap? And none of you guys are mentioning the ride comfort and quietness in this 3-row vehicle!!!


And have you guys been in the LaCrosse? How is the quality spotty on that car? I'll admit that the Regal's quality is spotty, but the rest of Buick's modern lineup is fine.


I hope consumers vote with their wallets and that buick/GM listens. This car is way over priced...40K and no leather. No mention of sunroof in list of standard equipment so more $$$...ridiculous!!


I purchased a new 2008 Buick Enclave. We are a family with two children. My wife and I think it's the best looking car on the road.
However, the car is American and it does not hold up. What looks good is cheap all around.

When we got the car the steering column was replaced 3 times. Still make the popping sound when making turns.
My dash board lights only work once in a while. When they decide to work they flicker with a nervous pulse. Drives you crazy at nite.
The drivers electric seats don't always work. I am 6 '4". Some days I drive with my body on the steering wheel because my wife is shorter.

The whole electrical system is messed up. If you leave the key on with the radio playing for more than 30 seconds the car dongs and goes in shut down mode and the vehicle will not start.

Best is the sun roof. A day after a long rain you will get onto a car with vey wet floors and soaked side panels.
GM will not sand by and admit to the problems. The next car will unfortunately be a foreign vehicle.
Also, for as much as you pay now for a Buick, they have not changed in the service department. They need to treat you like the Mercedes Dealership. I know it sounds snobby, but, shoot if you want to compete with the big names you have to show the LOVE!;)
Well, it's like going to the post office or FedEx.
GM=Government Motors.


Come on buick/GM ...no push button engine start/stop on a 40K car. That is not acceptable these days at this price point.

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