Toyota Adds Special-Edition Trim to Four-Cylinder Camry

2012 Toyota Camry SE SportAs the first model year for the new eighth-generation Toyota Camry comes to an end, Toyota has announced a limited-edition SE model that offers an array of features for an extra $2,775.

Called the 2012 Toyota Camry SE Sport, the sporty-minded model will be available with limited color options and will be produced only for about three months.

Compared with the regular SE trim, the SE Sport adds 18-inch alloy wheels, an eight-way powered driver's seat, a powered tilt/slide moonroof and a 6.1-inch touch-screen with navigation and Entune for $25,995, excluding a $795 destination fee. Like all SE trims, the SE Sport comes with a firmer suspension and quicker steering; a leather-wrapped, three-spoke steering wheel; and paddle shifters.

The SE Sport is only available with a 178-horsepower four-cylinder and a six-speed automatic transmission. It comes in three exterior colors: Barcelona Red, Attitude Black or Blizzard Pearl, all paired to a black/ash interior color.

The model will go into limited production from now until early November.

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c est une tres belle voiture.bravo!


Seems a bit silly to do that package with an automatic.


Spam central again?


Toyota really needs to hire some better designers. When you see this car next to a Hyundai Sonata or Ford Fusion or VW Passat, even, the Camry is so plain Jane looking. The VW gets the simple, clean styling thing right. Toyota looks bare, stripped--and then they try to add on some goofy taillights as if that makes up for all the stark plainness.


#1 Selling Car. Enough said.


The 2012 Toyota Camry and improvement or a disappointment? I'd say a disappointment because I still retains its old styling in some ways such as the body. Whenever I see this thing rolling down the road I accidentally perceive this car as truck because of its bland flat trunk design. The performance output of the Camry is adequate in my perspective. It's not a rocket, but it's not a slug, it's kinda a somewhat blend of both. Overall this car is not very attractive to my eye, but I guess people buy it for it's notable reliability, safety and engineering. Interior quality is certainly not a highlight in this or any Camry.


Actually the v6 Camry is quick for this class. The interior is really an improvement over the previous Camry. You need to sit in one.


I actually have and I wasn't impressed. Even with the leather stitched dash it felt like I was sitting in a golf cart.(No offense) I believe it is an great economy car just not luxury or much of sport. But that's just my opinion.

S. Fox

I recently purchased the Special Edition (black), and I could not say enough about how much I love this car. It handles beautifully, it is very nice in the interior, love the Entune Navigation System, the 18-inch wheel look fantastic. It handles very well on the road thus far, and in my own opinion, I have no regrets buying this car. With one comment I read about the car feeling like a "Golf Cart", to me it is roomy, but I am not a big person, maybe that could ring true for someone that may be taller or larger.

The moon roof is a good addition. I would want one on any car I drive. That driver's seat should be really comfortable.

I am glad that red is one of the limited options that is available. However I think they could have added two or three more to the list.

I don't know if an extra $2,775 for all those extra features is something I would want to pay right now. However it's good that if Toyota customers want to add all of these features, the option is available.

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