Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: July 2012


Automakers had a mixed July as shoppers paid more for their cars. CNW Marketing Research says average transaction prices increased 8.5% versus July 2011 — the third month in a row of year-over-year increases greater than 8%. Compounding all this was the fact that used-car prices declined for the third straight month in July, according to vehicle auction firm Manheim, though they remain higher than at any point before November 2010. Would new-car sales stand a chance?

Well, yes. Sales for the top seven automakers rose 9.3% in July as Toyota and Honda roared back from last year’s earthquake-related shortages — or at least perceived shortages, in Toyota's case. Honda was the only Japan Three automaker really pinched on inventory a year ago, Automotive News data shows. Either way, both have made a comeback. July sales flew 45.3% at Honda and 26.1% at Toyota, as cars like the outgoing Honda Accord and redesigned Honda Civic trumped onetime top-10 placers the Chevy Malibu and Hyundai Sonata. It's easy to see why: The Accord has as many incentives as discount-wary Honda would ever unleash, and the Civic's once-paltry inventory is back to near-industry-average levels.

The Malibu crashed hard — it isn't even in the top 18 — as inventory dropped to half the industry supply. Spokesman Jim Cain said GM is "almost out of 2012 Malibus," but’s new-car inventory shows otherwise: Some 56% of Malibus are still 2012s.

Chrysler sales gained 12.6%, but Ford and GM fell 3.5% and 6.4%, respectively, to leave the Detroit Three at a slight loss for the month. GM's losses were the worst of the Big Seven, capping a bad week for an automaker beleaguered by recent high-profile personnel departures.

Why the pain? Ford and GM chalk it up to fleet declines. Ford says overall fleet sales fell 16%, while GM says rental-fleet volume declined 41% as part of a planned drawdown. That could help resale values for both automakers down the road. But other nameplates declined. The Ford Escape fell 11.6% despite a healthy share of redesigned 2013s on dealer lots. The Chevrolet Cruze fared worse, crashing 39.3%. Chevrolet dealers began July with a staggering 90-day Cruze supply — 32 days more than industry average.

Higher incentives brought shoppers to the Ford Fusion, whose sales gained 20.7% for its best July ever. Nissan says the redesigned Altima played a big part in the nameplate's 24.7% sales gain. Factory incentives — up as much as $1,250 versus a year ago — likely helped clear out the prior generation, which still comprises over half of all Altima sedans in’s new-car inventory. Still, the redesign makes up 45.9% of Altima sedan inventory, so it's clearly gaining steam.

Detroit's pickups had a mixed month. Ford turned up its F-Series offers, and the best-selling pickup held steady. GM dropped Chevrolet Silverado incentives, and sales fell 12.5%. Chrysler's Ram pickup gained 17.3% despite slightly lower incentives, and that's even before the updated 2013 model hits dealerships in early October.

Here are July's top 10 best-selling cars:


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Cut rate deals are being offered all over the place. Local Nissan offer is $6000 off Muranos and Rogue. Sister-in-law bought a Civic last month for $4000 off.


Wow GM only has 1 vehicle in the Top 10 and it's a truck!? Are these numbers correct?


my friend bought 2012 accord lx for $20k with ttl.


Looks like Hyundai rush is over. Thanks god

And what's the problem if i get a Honda Accord? it feels so smooth while driving and it's in a good price range for its options pack


Tony - The Hyundai rush isn't over. Once they increase capacity to where they can produce enough cars to even be on this list I am sure they will be on it. They make great cars.

I would really like to know why the escape sales are so low... Is there a lack of supply, even though above it says there isn't. I have seen many of them on the road and they look great.


Looks like Ford Screwd up with the redesign of the Escape, next in line is the Fusion. I am not saying anything is wrong with them design wise, but they are substantially more expensive than the products they are replacing, almost 40K for a loaded Escape , please give me a break! and the Fusion I hear will cost around the same price for a loaded model. I like the current Fusion Sport, not too many electronics but just about right, I wish Ford had never ventured into the MyFord touch in the Ford brand, instead should have took all the gadgetry to Lincoln that way there would have been a differentiation. They should have left Ford branded products with a optional Nav, Dual Zone Climate, Heated only seats and Cooled seats (optional only on certain few vehicles) and just SYNC without MyFord Touch. And I don't understand why they cannot salvage what they have with the Australian arm and just build RWD vehicles for Lincoln brand, they need to get rid of the split wing grilles and go back to either egg crate style or the waterfall slates style grille.


"Top 10 Best-Selling Cars" should be titled "Top 10 Best-Selling Vehicles" if the trucks are going to be included.


already seen 5 '13 Altimas' at my local Alamo!


Just bought a 2012 camry 2e 2.5 and I can get over 40 mpg on freeway folks (+/- 65 mph) Bank vault quiet, smooth, 10 air bags, almost sprots car handling, upscale and bulletproof reliable/resale and cheaper to insure for about 21.5k + T & L-power seat too! Well done Toyota production systems-you've changed the world for the better! Most Ameircan car too! Picky Engineer


does f-series cover all non hd and hd truck modles along with the vans?


When will August sales be posted?

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