This is What the 2013 Honda Accord Looks Like


Honda will reveal all the details of the redesigned Accord lineup next month, but today the automaker is giving us a look at the exterior of both the sedan (above) and the coupe (below).

The design is obviously new, but it isn’t a radical departure from the current model or the concept we saw earlier this year on the auto-show circuit.

Honda confirms that there will be more interior and cargo space than the outgoing model, and the overall length of both the sedan and coupe will be "noticeably" shortened.

Honda also says LED running lights, headlights and taillights will be available on some trim levels, but we’ll have to keep waiting for more information.

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that is also what the 2008 Accord looked like.


Sedan looks better, coupe looks worse.


Did they just buy the design of the old Azera?


So they added some lights and interior volume while making it smaller... yet when I look at it, I don't see any difference between the other Accords and this "new" design.


Sedan Looks better. Back of the sedan looks very elegant. Coupe doesn't look that much different than current model. Looks like they didn't screw up the redesign as much as the civic


I actually really like the new Accord, sedan, even though th headlights are Lexus, the wheels are Volvo S80, the shoulder line and door handles are Sonata, and the rear reminds of the Pre-refresh Hyundai Genesis sedan.


I think this "safe" redesign is "ok" at best. One issue is that everything else in this class has either evolved or had a revolutionary change in the newer model. I'm sure most buyers will think this is a refresh which could turn off some buyers. Second, where is the new engines and transmissions (Honda went cheap like the Civic). Finally, if they didn't fix the harsh sound of the engine and interior noise, I think they will lose more buyers to the new Fusion and Altima.


to my eye, this looks more like a reskin than a redesign. the design looks more cohesive than the current model, but i still don't find it very attractive.


Acura design is turning the corner with the new RDX and ILX but Honda just can't seem to create any excitement with their designs. This whole design theme still reminds me of the Element squared look. Honda better have some great powertrain improvements to compete in this class as the styling sure doesn't get it.

Agent Mike

Looks like a Camary. But why wouldn't it ? When your the number one selling car in USA, everyone wants a part of that pie. Even if it means copying it.



I dont agree, this actually looks better than the ILX- not that saying so is a huge compliment. It doesnt really appear Honda is trying when it comes to styling, they just put out anything. This is a redesign that doesn't really change much.


This car will have an updated 4 cylinder with direct injection. Finally Honda invests something in its I4 engine. V6 will be carryover but with more power I believe. This car will also get a CVT like the Altima.


I really have to question your ability to discern style if you think this Aocord looks better than the ILX. But it appears we have much different tastes in automotive styling which, after all, is mostly subjective. Since you're a GM fanboy I'm sure you thought the Aztek was cutting edge design as well. So disagree away. LOL.


No, I just dont see anything exciting or compelling about the ILX. It looks like a generic Asian small sedan- which is what it is of course. Its not really ugly, its just totally forgettable and typically Honda conservative. I find this car to be LESS odd looking than the ILX. Neither is memorable or stylish however. I never said this car was "cutting edge" in design so Im not sure why you said "as well" when saying I probably found the Aztek to be cutting edge. Aztek was ugly, this is just warmed over mediocrity.


This is a re-design?!?! It doesn't even look new! Look how far the Fusion, Malibu, and Sonata have come. I think the days as the Accord as a sales leader have ended. Even the Camry was better done. The Altima should easily take this over in sales next year.


So they combined the old Hyundai design language with a front end reminding me of the old Lexus ES on the sedan and the Optima on the coupe. Great redesign Honda, I guess it'll be another 5 or so years until it is redesigned then. Until then, it is not relevant.

The best I can say is it looks modern and clean. Just as the cars mentioned above looked...


coupe looks ok, sedan looks like they took lexus headlights, and infiniti taillights, the old design and made a few line chages to the out side, this is the beginning of the end for honda


nice job, honda. this car has presence and isnt overstyled like the flash in the pan sonata. honda knows their audience and that's why they sell cars. their cars are not polarizing but this accord is very streamline and sophisticated. compare it to the camry and that looks like outdated and old. sonata is already showing its age. optima looks great, but we'll see about kia quality. yes, honda missed with civic but the mmc will bring back it's street cred. i say good for honda. this car is what the mainstream wants and they buy cars. it's a hit.



One problem, the sonata isnt only competitor. You failed to mention Camry, Malibu, Altima, etc. There are other options on the market that arent wildly styled. And honestly at this point the sonata has been enough of a success to call it non controversial in terms of styling. We are used to the Sonata now, it's a midsizer with a little bit of style. Aside from the camry I cant think of a competitor that is less visually stimulating. I thought the Malibu was conservative until this came out. And unlike this, the Malibu is clearly totally new relative to the predecessor.


I'm underwhelmed.


Good Ole' Honda...playing it safe...


I really like it as it looks like a premium car, nicely styled. I look forward to the Fusion vs Accord battle. Chevy really needs to go back to the drawing board as they're getting left way behind by everyone.


I bought a 2009 Accord earlier this year. I've enjoyed driving a car that still looks new for the past 6 months; glad to see that, to many people, my car will still look new. I'm sure it'll be a great car, but this is weak as far as redesigns go.

My 2007 Accord had rear LED's. Glad to see that they're back.


Honda Accord gets more comments on style than just about any other car here. Honda is very happy, for sure.

From the pictures, I say this is a good looking and I thought the last gen was good looking to. Understated maybe, but that seems to be what everyone likes.

The sonata always seemed to be oddly proportioned. This looks and will sell way better than the fusion or malibu.

You want forgettable, look at any Buick besides enclave. The verano and lacrosse are downright ugly. The regal is decent but totally unremarkable (made better by the GS but still just doesn't cut it). If only they would get the encore out sooner... yeah, not really.


The sedan looks like a lexus LS hit with a honda stick and the coupe looks like the last gen civic coupe.


Meh. If I wanted a 4 cylinder FWD, I think the Optima looks sharper. For this kind of money you could just about get a Charger instead of the sedan and a Mustang instead of the coupe. Lots more HP and fun RWD for the money.


Wow, am I ever underwhelmed. I have to admit my first thought was the striking similarity to the previous gen Hyundai Sonota and Azera. But then again, that just says "generic asian sedan." Try again Honda, you need to stop playing it safe.


I was really hoping for a Honda to do something different with the new Accord's styling. However after seeing the styling rehash of the Civic then the CRV my hopes wained. So I wasn't too surprised seeing the new Accord. I guess "ALL NEW" doesn't mean "ALL NEW" anymore.That being said. I think it looks decent for the class of cars in which it runs in. Certainly not a styling standout. It's definitely a missed opportunity on the styling front. However underneath the skin it will drive good (hopefully) and get good gas milage. People will buy it.


I really do not see Honda selling this based on style, which isn't always a bad thing. I do know of at least 2 people who have passed on the Accord for other cars because the current gen is so blah and I do not see this any differently. People have been bashing the Malibu nonstop b/c of the slight change in styling...I now think the Malibu looks better than the new Accord by far.
2-Malibu / Altima


I'd have to say it looks better than the previous generation, but on the other hand, I'm just insulting the previous generation at that. The "old" accord had a design more bland than this one, with chunky, boxy sheetmetal that made it look bloated. And then the facelift ruined the grill, and added a makeshift light bar between the taillamps. So I guess this design is stylish compared to that.
As for other incentives for buying an accord? features? Not likely, based on how even the newest Honda redesigns didn't include many standard features, or notable optional ones. As for power and fuel economy, Honda better improve that I4, because it's gonna have to try hard versus the turboed 4 in the new fusion, or the CVT enhanced engines in the Altima. I don't remember Honda recently being king of fuel economy, nor power, so perhaps people will choose it for driving dynamics?
I can't think of anything that the accord had over its competitors, nor in its previous generation, nor from the announced changes for 2013. The only thing Honda has is brand loyalty, for the wonderful cars of yesteryear.

But I suppose we see Aztecs driving down the street sometimes...


Well, it ain't Odyssey fugly, so it's got that going for it. Which is nice.


Looks about 10 years behind the times. Taillights look like a Genesis. Unfortunately, it'll sell better than the MUCH better looking Optima!


The best looking Accord Sedan ever was the 1986-89 version. The design has been going downhill ever since. Yet another massive disappointment from a company that can do much better.


We Americans are really hard to please these days! Every new generation accord that I have seen come, has been bashed when the first photos are released. Look at the Toyota camry, and altima. Those designs were kept pretty close to the previous generation, and neither of those in my opinion are are great designs at all. The camry in my opinion looks like the 2002 camry, and the altima's back end looks like a sonata ripoff. Bottom line is Honda has been in this game for a long time, and they know exactly what they are doing. I for one will be trading my 2008 for this 2013 as soon as they hit showrooms. They will sell millions as they always have. Go Honda!

Original Rice Paddy

Altima is the ugliest car on the road with its drooping butt. The Accord is understated but clean: it's a Lexus design with some Teutonic inspiration.


Honda did not make a nice exterior for the sedan. Coupe looks very nice.


sort of boring, and not that much of a design change...maybe i will change my mind when i see the real should hire some design guys from nissan...they do produce some is shooting for retired folks


Another forgetable, outdated, uninspired styling exercise from Honda who apparently don't have a clue as to how to design an attractive sedan.
Honda may think its being smart by being so conservative---well for me the based upon the fact that Honda apparently put little effort toward styling is a deal breaker for me and although I have bought Accords all my life (I'm in my mid -fifties, my next car will be an Optima, Fusion, Mazda 6 or Altima (the Accord styling beyond a shadow of doubt is in absolute last place when compared to these cars).


This looks exactly like a slightly smaller 2006 Hyundai Azera. I hope Honda has resolved their transmission issues.


First, this is a very handsome redesign and a nice step up from the previous generation. It looks much better than its competition from GM, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota.

Honda is not going to "take chances" with the design on the Accord and they don't need to. It is perennially one of the best selling cars in the country. Obviously, the majority of people like the styling.

Companies like Hyundai, Kia and Mazda have to take chances with styling because prior to their recent redesigns no one noticed or considered these vehicles.

Nissan takes a lot of chances with styling and lose a lot of customers as a result. The Altima is losing ground quickly and Nissan's quality issues aren't helping.

Ford tried a couple completely new looks for the Fusion until this newest version which is well received.

The new Accord is at the top of the class in terms of styling of the most recent mid-size sedans. The Sonata is trying to hard to look "fluid" and comes across as looking a bit odd. The new Mazda 6 is a much better version of what Hyundai was trying to do. The Optima and Fusion are good redesigns but not in the same class as the Accord. The Camry is coming into its own. It was an odd redesign initially but has improved. Sadly, the Altima continues to be the ugly stepchild of the mid-size sedan world.

Despite the comments in this thread, the Accord will sell like hotcakes and remain the standard for the class.

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