Recall Alert: 2004-06 Suzuki Forenza, 2005-06 Suzuki Reno


Suzuki is recalling 101,688 Forenza sedans from the 2004-06 model years and Reno hatchbacks from the 2005-06 model years because the headlamps could malfunction, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In the affected vehicles, which were built from Sept. 23, 2003, to March 7, 2006, increased electrical resistance due to poor contact between the terminals of certain wires could generate enough heat to melt the splice pack connecting the power circuit wires for the headlamps. This could cause the headlamps to function intermittently or to stop functioning, leading to reduced driver visibility.

The recall is expected to begin next month. Suzuki dealers will reconnect the affected wires with two heat-shrink crimps free of charge. Owners can call Suzuki at 714-996-7040 or NHTSA’s vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236 for more info.

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By Dave Lee | August 20, 2012 | Comments (10)



I find it very hard to believe that 101,688 people actually bought this car.


I was one of these foolish people...

David Molina

I bought one of these cars at a time when my financial situation wasn't that well. It's been a good car since 2005. I purchased it brand new in 2005 and it's been zooming along ever since. Power everything and sunroof. I just change the oil every 3,000 and away we go. It's funny. I was in SE Asia this past summer. Visited four countries and I saw the same car in three of them but over there this Suzuki is branded a Toyota.


I'm having a problem with my check engine light. Cadillac converter. I remember there was a recall on the water pump. I would like to find out of any past recalls over the years. Can anyone help me?

Paula wiser

I purchased a 2005 forenza in 2008 frm a dealer whom just drove ths car and told me u dont qualify for no other car it lk nice pd 1200 down 189 month thgt fit my budget well about 2010 i started having problems jerking from transmission about popped up the girl tht handled my contract was let go a week later after me buying car dealership sd my mileage out wtc my first time buying one and hd nothg but trouble its been sitting since 2011 still owed over 3000 left cant aford to repl transmission so i got to volunteer surrender ths vehicle since im disabled and cant fix...


I think my struts came from the factory screwed up... 3 sets of tires and I only have 51,000 miles on it. Anyone else having that problem? ALL 4 of them!


Eve, I have had the same problem. 4 new tires a year. This car is only driven maybe 7000 miles a year. Anyway, I think the struts and shocks are worn severely due to the excessive tire wear and the fact that the car has almost jumped off the road because of small roughness in the road. Although I believe that there should be a recall for this problem I do not think there is one.

arturo j guzman

All cars break down sooner or later, There's no bad car, just bad owners that mistreat, do not care and maintain poorly their vehicles. All cars brand have recalls, even Mercedes-Benz. The most reliable are Honda and Toyota and they break down too.

arturo j guzman

...of course ! You can't expect the same quality and performance from a $15k car vs $30k or higher price !


My GF has a Suzuki Reno so I have been learning about this car and doing quite a few repairs and preventative maintenance. The bug thing you DO NOT WANT TO IGNORE is the TIMING BELT! If this lets go, the engine is done for so change it at the specified interval of time or mileage, whichever comes first. I got her a kit that included the water pump as well as the tensioner and all idler bearings/rollers just to be safe.

Then the transmission range sensor went out so I replaced that. Obviously this is something else these are known for. At least it didn't cost a lot and was easy to change out.

Then I noticed leaking oil from the valve cover during this work so I guess that is next. It looks easy and is a $30 part at most so not a biggie.

The other issue which is going to cost is the struts. They are toast and need to be replaced so I think that might be next.

Besides these issues, I don't see anything terrible about these Forenza/Reno type cars. If you neglect the timing belt, the engine will be trashed! Her belt was all cracked up and needed to be replaced. As she bought it used, she didn't have any idea when it had been done.

On a side note, this is really a Daewoo Lacetti. She really liked hearing that she was driving a car she had never heard of and thought that the name Daewoo stunk. I told her it isn't a great car but not to panic.

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