Next-Gen Chevy Cruze to be Built in Ohio

Ohio manufacturing plants in Lordstown and Parma will get a $220 million investment from GM for the production of the next-generation Chevrolet Cruze.

An actual production date for the second-generation Cruze has yet to be determined, but nearly 5,000 employees have been assured jobs at the Lordstown Complex and Parma Metal Center to build the new Cruze. Chevrolet's best-selling compact sedan has been built in Ohio since 2010, with more than 500,000 made so far. GM's investment will bring new tooling, equipment and facilities to both plants.

"Thanks to northeast Ohio's supportive business climate, we're able to build on a great foundation and steer the Chevrolet Cruze into the next generation," Arvin Jones, a GM manufacturing manager, said in a statement.

While we don't know much about the next-gen Cruze, we do know that work is under way to update the Lordstown plant for the new model. Jones says it will offer new exterior and interior styling, improved fuel economy and an improved interior compartment with more storage space.

The already-fuel-efficient Cruze on sale today is expected to gain a diesel powertrain for 2013, and we hope it carries over to the next-gen model. Chevrolet sold 14,954 Cruzes in July and more than 128,000 year to date.

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Good luck Ohio and Chevy Cruze. I hope the investment pays off both for the company and the local communities. The car promises to be a very well designed machine.


With so much bad news out there these days nice to see some good news. Good for the workers, Ohio and everyone. Have test driven a Cruze turbo at a car show and thought it was a really good compact sedan.


Quality will definitely improve when it's built in Ohio. Diesel Cruze will put the slow VW TDIs to shame on reliability and performance.


You know, all these positive comments were also voiced when the Cobalt came out, and before that, the Cavalier.

But what we got wasn't all that good.

Don't misunderstand! The Cruze is much better than any of its predecessors, but IMO it isn't as good as a Corolla, Civic, or Elantra.

I rented them on several occasions and actually drove them for several hundred miles.

We looked at a Cruze for our grand daughter' HS grad gift but ended up buying her an Elantra because it offered so much more for the money than the Cruze did.

And if you look at retained value for future trade-ins, the Cruze rental fleets will blow that all to hell.

How would you like to pay $19K for a 2012 Cruze only to find the same thing on used car lots for $11K a year later?

Building the Cruze in Ohio is a good thing. But selling all that output may be a different issue. How does 128,000 Cruze sold compare to its competitors in the class?


it states in the article that the cruze has been built in ohio since 2010, with 500k built so far. this is just saying that the next generation will be built there as well.


i've owned a 2011 cruze eco for about a year now and have nothing but good things to say about it. it's a solid, upscale, comfortable car that consistently exceeds the epa fuel economy estimate..more than i can say for the elantra. it was well worth the $18.5k i paid for it.

I wish you luck to find yourself a buyer with your Elantra after a year for more than $11k.
Just one thought, both the Corolla and Civic were the same as probably 4 yrs ago. Virtually no changes. especially the Civic is crying out for a new update, it's super ugly in my opinion. The Corolla got tail lights changed, they look like the 99 Cent Store Chrome. The Elantra is in fact the most refreshed one among those you mention, but it's a copy design of the many other cars.
sometimes i wonder why people crying out that Domestic cars are made out of the country, but if your son was born in South Korea in that Elantra, is he a Korean or an American. It's just a GDP VS. GNP question? But a Domestic is always closer in blood because the headquarter is here, and whatever the money is earned, it goes back to our country.
If USA lost Ford, GM and Chrysler, We are not going to be able to buy a foreign car so cheap anymore. And all the money they earn will go to Jpan and Krea or Europe. Please be proud to be American. Cruze, I welcome you back. We'll love you here more. Plz, just make me a hatchback, i will take you to my family.
And to those who drives a foreign car, plz remove the USA Flag Bumper sticker. They don't mix well.


cody, I wouldn't buy a Sentra either.

And the Elantra we bought for our grand daughter is indeed thirsty, but that is because she inherited a lead foot from her grand mother, and she has three chubby teenage girls riding with her to college.

I'm not knocking the Cruze. It has its own following, just like the Cobalt and the Cavalier did.

The people in Ohio will be happy that they will be building the new version.

But shoppers who take the time to compare all the offerings of that class have to decide for themselves how well the Cruze stacks up against the Corolla and Civic, or even the Elantra.

Hey, I paid many thousands less for an Elantra than I would have had to pay for a similar Cruze, and the Elantra came with a lot more content than the Cruze did.

Of course, I buy what I buy outright, so I have no plans to keep it forever. It is transportation. It has to serve its purpose. And it has to be value for the money. The Elantra met all those requirements. The Cruze did not. The Corolla did not. The Civic did not.

And I have to admit that mpgs were never a consideration for me.

I pay for all my grand daughter's fuel and spend more than $200 a week just keeping my 55-gallon drums filled for my vehicles and my power generators.

You might want to find out what your Cruze is worth around the Sept/Oct time frame.

The 2012s are advertised for $15,450 (after all discounts) out the door in the El Paso, TX, area on all remaining ones in stock. And they come with AC, Cruise, automatic and power everything. Now we're talking Elantra territory.



i buy a car to drive. it's not an investment, and i plan on keeping it for awhile. i don't care what it's trade in value is right now, because i have no intention of trading it in.

one of my favorite things about the eco is that it came pretty well loaded while still providing a 6sp manual. not long ago, buying the manual transmission fuel efficient model meant buying a stripped down base model.

that is no longer the case. my car is extremely well equipment, and i am quite happy with it.

Volume Van

Bring the wagon as well, that will boost the sales of Cruze.

Focus has Hatch that sells well.


Why don't gm concentrate on fixing the problem with the cruze instead of mass producing lemons. They have not revealed the other problems like the oil lines to the turbo melting. They placed them by the exaust manifold that the oil gets spilled on which caused the recent recall. My cruz fill with smoke the day I drove it off the lot. Gm customer service refuses to help me. The car has been to 4 dealers for 7 times in less than a year. I am on my 4th rental car. I have been loayal to gm for 40 years but this lemon has left a sour taste in my mouth.

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