Midwest Sees Dramatic Spike in Gas Prices

Gas pump

As gasoline prices continue to rise across the country over tensions between the U.S. and Iran as well as general economic uncertainty, the national average price was up more than 13 cents from last week. However, the Midwest has seen the steepest increase in prices, according to AAA.

Gas prices have increased an astonishing 30 cents to 40 cents per gallon of regular unleaded throughout the Midwest, according to AAA.

Temporarily reduced Midwestern refinery capacity and a Wisconsin pipeline rupture, which usually delivers oil to the Chicago area, have conspired against the Midwest region, leading to significant price increases, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The average price for regular fuel in Illinois was $4.064 per gallon today; that's about 40 cents more than last week's average price of $3.661. In Indiana, the average price for regular gas was $3.919, which is 45 cents more than last week's average price of $3.469, and Michigan's average price is $3.994 per gallon, a 39-cent increase over last week's price. That's a stark contrast to the five-cent rise in California's and New York's average price and Florida's 12-cent increase.

Fortunately, the disruptions are temporary, according to the Chicago Tribune, with prices likely to fall over the next few weeks as more refineries return to full production, experts told the paper.

Chicago-area gas-price spike caused by 'cluster of bad luck' (Chicago Tribune)
Gas Prices Begin Slow Climb
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By Colin Bird | August 6, 2012 | Comments (9)



I thought Obama's Gas Panel was going to do something about this along with the Justice Dept!? Or was that just political talk...

Allistar Evans

Yawn.... wake me up when gas reaches $10 a gallon. Only until that point will I really care about the price of gas.


Well...that's your opinion. The rest of the million or so people (less a couple hundred) in the Midwest feel like we are getting screwed even harder with no apparent explanation.


Premium required. $4.09 around the area now.

Tito M

Poor Americans:( The have to pay 4.09 for a gallon on premium while us canadiens only have to pay 5.96 for a gallon. Now don't you feel better.


And thankfully we're far from being like Canada. And save the healthcare speak as I lived in Toronto for 11 years and experienced the Canadian healthcare system first hand. Compared to the USA it sucks unless you like waiting 14 months for a simple outpatient operation (ie remove a tiny bone chip). On the other hand Canada has more than their fair share of beautiful women.


Hey guys, if you really care about the price of gas, make a statement! Don't buy it!

Jay, I bet no one in your area is going to buy any less gas if it goes over $5.00/gal in the US.

That's the way it was each and every time gas and diesel spiked.

Most Americans don't care about the price of gas. They buy it until they run out of money.

I'll pay whatever it costs because driving beats walking.

I bet all you moaners and whiners will do the same by buying the gas no matter what it costs.


Above comment is interesting.
Come back to talk again when you live in an area where there is no public transportation, yet you still have to go to work which is located over 20 miles from home.



I live in the desert, at least 26 miles from the nearest town. There is no public transportation here.

I don't care about the price of gas. It is a bargain at any price, and it beats walking.

I drive a 2011 Tundra 5.7, not exactly the most economical truck out there.

My wife drives a 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee with so-so gas mileage, and we still have her 2008 Highlander around too.

Like most Americans, we do not care about the price of gas. If we did, we'd quit buying it.

Let's not kid ourselves. Americans will buy the gas no matter what it costs. Let's quit the whining and complaining about how much gas costs. It'll cost even more next year!

If you don't like it, quit buying the gas. That'll leave more for me, at a lower price.

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