Jeep Liberty Ends Production Next Week


The Toledo, Ohio, plant that assembles the Jeep Liberty will go idle next week and not resume its SUV operations until 2013 with an all-new replacement. During that time the plant will undergo $500 million in upgrades and an expansion, creating an additional 1,100 jobs.

In March we reported that Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne told the Detroit Free Press that the new Liberty will "be a Trail-Rated, full-blooded Jeep that has its origins in the architecture of a sports car."

We can’t guess as to what this vehicle will be, but we do know the current Liberty is not right for today’s marketplace with a rough ride, outdated engine and slow sales. There are currently over 16,000 2012 Jeep Liberty SUVs in's national new car inventory with incentives as high as $3,000.

Chrysler to idle Toledo factory for Jeep Liberty SUV replacement (Detroit News)
Jeep Liberty Replacement to Use Nine-Speed Transmission, UAW Local Says
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I love my 2003 Liberty....Hope the next one can tow as much. I pull my trailer all over the backcountry with it.

Tito M

Sergio Marchionne told the Detroit Free Press that the new Liberty will "be a Trail-Rated, full-blooded Jeep that has its origins in the architecture of a sports car." IS THIS NOT AN OXYMORON??????????

I'll atest to the "rough ride" for sure. Like riding a lawn mower.


A trail rated sports car?? So it will share the viper platform with a slightly stretched wheelbase and increased ride height?


Too bad they couldn't update this with the Pentastar V6.


i like


i like


The next liberty will be a good pick for people who thought the compass was too outdoorsy.


An SUV sports car… so they’re building a Porsche Panamera?


where are the people saying it's ride sucks getting their info!? The Liberty feels like a crown vic/towncar. With it's off road capability it floats in city driving. It's intent was to be a off road SUV and everyone compares it to an escape etc with 4cyl and front wheel drive. People should drive and ride in cars before they comment and write articles about them.


I've seen a proposed pic that was in Australia's Wheels magazine, looks like an alfa romeo giulietta but lifted :) hahahaha

Hope the replacement won't be a CUV.

It's gas mileage (or lack thereof)is most likely what did it in. R.I.P. Jeep Liberty, at least you weren't the Compass.

Also- my wife drove the older KJ Body Style (2001-2007) back in the day and I really was not a fan. The KK on the other hand was OK.

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