Living with MyFord Touch on a 3,500-Mile Road Trip


Ask Ford's reps about MyFord Touch and they say if you live with the system, you'll love it. They say that 80% of Ford owners with the system would recommend it to others.

My family and I lived with it for two weeks. Let me be clear: We did not love it.

Some of the issues that were prevalent when it debuted remain today on the 2013 Ford Flex, though it was supposed to have updated software. Among our issues:

  • The system shut down and rebooted on us. Twice. In one afternoon. Without warning or explanation. The first time, we were driving through rural Wisconsin. When we pulled off the road to pick up some fuel and a soda, the screens went haywire. What I mean is the navigation system couldn't change perspective (I couldn't get the view to go in closer or farther out), and the satellite radio screen showed the preset buttons but no longer displayed which station was programmed on which button. Finally, the screen went blank and then the system rebooted. Later that afternoon, as we were leaving the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn., and looking for a nearby restaurant, the screen went blank again. In Ford's defense, the temperature outside the car hovered around 100 degrees, but considering how many computer chips are in every car and how few of those have failed in triple-digit temps, it seemed like a particularly bad fail, especially as I really needed the nav system in an unfamiliar area.
  • The nav system also had problems with simple math. I used MyFord Touch's Waypoint option, which tells you how long it will take to get to a point in your route as well as to your destination, a couple of times during our long drive. At least twice, Waypoint gave us impossible information. It told us that we were 54 minutes from our final destination, and that we would arrive at 5:33 p.m. Unfortunately, it was already after 5:33 p.m. when we read that. It wasn't a time-zone problem as far as we could tell; it was just wrong.
  • One of the great things in the Flex was its multiple USB connections so we could charge everyone's iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The downside? Every time someone plugged in a new device, MyFordTouch decided we wanted to hear the music on that device. And with that decision, MyFord Touch would tell us that we should keep our eyes on the road. My solution? Don't let MyFord Touch change the chosen device automatically; let the driver decide what is going to be heard on the stereo system.
  • Also a music problem: The Bluetooth streaming audio sometimes worked great, allowing me to change and skip songs at will using the steering-wheel controls, and other times, it forced me to use the commands on my iPhone. It was completely arbitrary.
  • Lag time when selecting commands on the touch-screen continues to be a problem. At first, you'll hit a "button" (I use quote marks, because it's really a touch-screen) several times and then see that you've cycled through the choices because of your lack of patience. Later, you think you've become wise; you hit a button and wait until something happens - or doesn't. Either way, the driver is spending way too much time watching the screen and not the road.
  • The navigation system also suffers from the same flaws of many, if not most, nav systems: the inability to understand that left-turn lanes exist instead insisting that you "make a legal U-turn" to get to your destination; the inability to accurately find street addresses for stores and restaurants, being off by as little as a few hundred feet to as much as a half-mile; and an input system that defies logic and sanity.

It's possible that we drivers (and journalists) are jaded by being exposed to every new gee-whiz gadget out there, but if I had to use this system again on a long-distance drive, I'd find some applications for my smartphone to do the jobs that I couldn't leave to chance.

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MyFord Touch would be a deal killer car buying decision. Too bad that all of Ford's upgraded packages include MyTouch.


My Ford Touch certainly has some buggies in it, including the missing info from the presets.

But it's high time Ford gets with the program and recognizes how much iPhone and Android owners rely on their devices. Ford's nav, for instance, pales in comparison to the timely traffic / road conditions info Google Nav gives me real time.

Despite my Flex's gigantic touch screen, I continue to extensively use my phone for navigation. The phone's function needs the ability to be ported into the Flex's touchscreen. A simple display mirroring would be a great start.

Allistar Evans

You have a preconceived notion that as technology improves, there will be no problems, well, welcome to the real world. Also, this sounds like more nagging than actual failures with myford touch and also i will ocntinue to luagh at your reviews simply because you give ford products less than stellar ratings all due to myford touch not living to your expectations.

If you dont like it leave it alone and quit bringing it up. Your imcompetence should not interfere with the process of reveiwing cars and trucks.

We need more capable staff of reviewers and not people that'll whine when they have to use the steering wheel audio controls. Perhaps you should be paying attention to the road, which everybody should be doing instead of texting and the like.

That is why I take these arm chair reviews with a grain of salt. This staff is hardly informed and throughly lackluster. Get a different job!

Heres a saying: Hope for the best, expect the worst!


To Allistar Evans. That must have really been a mean cup of coffee you had this morning. Hope tomorrow is better for you.


Allistar Evans,

Though I understand it did come off as complaining, the writer has extremely valid points. No one wants to have this types of problems with their cars. Regardless of it being new and having bugs to work out, people don't want this happening. Now if it was a few systems then sure. But to tell an automotive journalist to "leave the system alone" is silly. It's his job to play with it and report back, so that I won't go out and buy a car with this buggy system in it.

I recently purchased a Focus with MyFord Touch. It certainly has caused headaches but there are some simple fixes for a few of your concerns. For example:
- there is an option to deny Sync automatically playing new USB inputs
- depending on phone type, Bluetooth stereo may work better pairing from the car or phone (ask Ford's IVT team)

Finally, as an owner, I have been impressed with Ford's social media team and their ability to answer my questions via Twitter, email and forums.

Blame Microsoft. MFT is still part of Sync, which was a Ford/Microsoft partnership whose product was no better.

Our reliance on digital technology becomes greater every day. MFT, like Sync and other in-car nav systems become outdated and obsolete long before the vehicle itself dies of old age. It would be much better all around if rather than permanently installing such devices, manufacturers should offer a means to dock or connect third-party devices that are readily updated and up-graded as necessary.


I was going to buy a Ford and found several links and videos displaying the issues. One cars panel froze for 30 minutes, another guy at a car show reviewing the new Escape pressed the panel several times because nothing was happening (the lag was REALLY slow) then all of a sudden it registered all touches and took him to an unknown location. That is terrible for a compact SUV priced at $36,000. I hope they find the solution soon.


As an owner (victim?) of My Ford Touch for over a year and a half, I can tell you the reviewer does not BEGIN to describe the nightmare living with this system is. It's been back to the dealer 9 times and is going back again. They've replaced the APIM (TWICE!) and it still doesn't work right. It freezes, gets lost, doesn't recognize commands it recognized yesterday and on and on. STAY AWAY!

And a flat panel with no tactile indications of where your finger is in relation to the "button" is STUPID! Yes the voice commands work (sort of) but take multiple steps to get it to do anything, as opposed to turning a knob one click, or pushing an actual button one time.


I've lived with a 2012 Ford Explorer for 16 months now, I chose it because of the level of tech in the car. Honestly it is a daily crapshoot as to whether things work or not, some days the screen will freeze, or your phone won't work with MFT, right now it won't play music from the iPod. It's irritating, I would sell the damn thing in a heartbeat if I could and not lose a ton of money. I could never in all conscience advise anyone to buy a vehicle with MFT.


After reading these posts it is at least good to know that I am not alone. I leased my 2013 Ford Explorer mostly because of all of the features of My Ford Touch. It is an absolute nightmare. Totally unreliable on EVERY level. It seems to have a mind of its own and decides when it will work and respond when it wants to. Had it back to the dealer for 3 upgrades already and still does not work properly. Thank goodness I only have it on a 2 year lease. I am counting the days I can give this piece of crap back to the dealer.


I have a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium and have not yet experienced any problems with MFT. I am the second owner of this car, and in the vehicle history I saw that the previous owner did have a new patch installed for MFT, maybe that fixed a lot of issues people are experiencing here. I mostly use mine via voice command for phone, navigation, and direct tune radio and it has worked just fine. Goodluck everyone!


At least I know I'm not alone. MFT gives me a headache every time I turn on the car. Sometimes it reboots for no reason, now it has this new favorite thing to do which is skip forward all my songs, so they only way I can listen to music is to wait until pandora hits the 6max songs. It skips my saved songs too.... Other days it just won't connect at all. They most brilliant thing about the 2013 fusion, is that it comes without an aux god forbid you should try to connect your phone without the god awful bluetooth. The USB just makes the phone have a small seizure and it just starts speaking radom words and contacts.
And of aux jack, but they do have a a/v jack in there, JUST in case I decide I want to watch a VHS or DVD before driving the car off a cliff.


I have had my 2013 Ford Escape since August and I have to add that the issues with it still take too much of my attention from actual driving. Main issues:
GPS has not reliable and has trouble acquiring most of the time. I have had the GPS antenna unit replace without any improvement. My iphone has a stronger signal inside the vehicle!

On top of that, the voice control just leaves me banging my head on the steering wheel (also not good for driving) and reaching for my phone to complete a task I had hoped MFT would do for me.


I have a 2013 Focus and am dealing with the same similar issues... Took a 2500 mile road trip with problems of Nav freezing up and not responding to where we were at or when the next turn was. As far as having an IPhone paired to it it continued to disconnect. When we would stop and return to the car and put it in reverse and then drive the rear park asst screen would remain on and the only way to remove it was to shut the car off and restart. And let's just say that task on a highway is not fun!


I bought a $65,000.00 F350 King Ranch! This is my 6th Super Duty. I was so excited to have finally ordered and bought the exact dream truck! Now, every single day, I get to get in, mess with the iPhone/Sync and start every day pissed off!! I would rather have an 8 Track vs. fight this hunk of crap all day long!! Ford, you need to make this right and ASAP. I'm a 100% Ford family and use them in my dealership, over 30 parts and service trucks. If this doesn't get resolved, I'm switching to a dodge fleet!!


I purchase my new ford fusion with ford touch. It is perfect. I do not know any problem.


I've been a victim for some time now. The phone interface is a nightmare. At least half of the time it won't connect at all and it has near 100% failure rate when using voice recognition. I really like Ford cars but will almost certainly be buying another brand next time.


My 11 explorer back in shop for mysync. They said it was fixed. I started truck and screen was black!!!!! They have had it for 2 weeks!


Ford corporate had yet to call me back. A 43 thousand dollar truck. Why can't they fix my touch?


The newest version of the Sync and MFT software seems to be much better. I had a 2013 F-150 with Sync and it had a few bugs. My wife has a 2014 Fiesta with Sync and I have a 2014 Fusion with MFT and neither have had a single issue. The MFT in my Fusion is much more responsive than earlier years. I'm not a Chrysler fan, but sadly, their infotainment system has MFT beat by a mile. Even my 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee worked flawlessly.


I bought a used 2013 fusion hybrid, the MFT system has all the updates. I absolutely love the car, with one exception; the MFT system is just pure terrible. I bought the car knowing the reviews of the system were bad, but I thought that most of the negative reviews were just a few people expecting too much ( I was wrong), they voice activated system is maddening, it almost never works and makes my heart race almost every time I attempt to use it (which is often) . I just can't understand how Ford continues to allow this system to be so bad. I certainly hope Ford does the right thing here and updates this system to actually be usable.

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