Could the 'Year of Lexus' Include a Hybrid Sports Car?

Lexus LF-LC concept

2012 is a big year for Lexus. The Japanese luxury carmaker is getting nine new or refreshed models during it. In fact, it's such a big year that Bob Carter, senior vice president of Toyota, has dubbed 2012 "The Year of Lexus." Big entries include the new Lexus ES and ES Hybrid, Lexus GS and GS Hybrid and the refreshed Lexus LX.

That leaves a few more models to be unveiled, and one could be a hybrid halo sports coupe. During a recent at J.P. Morgan Auto Conference, Carter said the Lexus LF-LC concept vehicle, which was unveiled at the 2012 Detroit auto show, is getting a great reception from the public. While Carter didn't explicitly say the model would make it to production, he intimated that something like the concept could get the green light. Here's an excerpt of Carter's speech:

"[The Lexus LF-LC] is just a concept now, but it's has received a fantastic reception from the public, so stay tuned."

OK, so there's not much to go off of, but Lexus still has a few more cars to show off to reach their nine-model goal for the year.

The Lexus LF-LC is a sleek, futuristic front-engine, rear-wheel-drive coupe paired with Toyota's hybrid drive system. Most of the major elements found within the cabin like the multimedia system and the components under the hood are already in production in some form on other Lexus models.

What do you think? Should Lexus bring out the LF-LC, especially since the Lexus LFA will be ending production shortly?

Lexus LF-LC Concept at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show 
Lexus LF-LC Concept: Up Close 
Lexus LF-LC Concept: Photo Gallery



I grew up thinking of lexus but never bought one as they are bland, no fun.. What a shame

Bring it on :) I will buy it-Y does a performance car have to be a gas guzzler or inefficient..If i can get amg/near amg type performance with a 3 series type fuel efficiency, i say do it :)

Agent Mike

I really have to take my hat off to Lexus, they are quite the egineering marvels.
I have always been a Merc, BMW, Audi driver, but I am giving Lexus serious consideration. The reliability is second to none. and more reasonably priced. So keep up the "thinking out of the box" business model.


Having owned a few 3 series over the last 5 years and now our purchasing a IS-F, its is an absolute rocket to drive, fantastic design and beautiful handling. People say Lexus is bland?? The 3series hasn't really taken many major facelift over the last 10 years IMO.. more satisfied now then when owning a BMW


I checked the spec sheet on this vehicle but I can't tell if there is a tray to catch the grated cheese under the grille? Or is that an electric shaver? Can I rinse it under water?


UGLY. Hate the new styling direction Lexus has taken with this "spindle" grille. Looks gimmicky and forced, not graceful or elegant at all.

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