Car Companies Satisfy Buyers Better Than Apple

Car Companies Satisfy Buyers Better Than Apple

Customer satisfaction for the automotive industry is at its highest point in about 20 years, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, as reported by USA Today.

The automotive industry ranked 84 out of 100, tying its best-ever rank in 2009. Automotive satisfaction scores are similar to ones for the soft-drink and consumer electronics industries, and the auto industry beat out industries such as hospitals, computer software (including Apple, which scored 83), newspapers and federal and local governments in overall customer satisfaction, says USA Today.

The index collects data from 70,000 customers a year and rates their satisfaction regarding products and services for 225 companies spread across 47 industries. The ACSI score measures three-year satisfaction of new-vehicle buyers.

The firm behind the index says consumers are more satisfied with their vehicles because of their improving quality. Car brands that have seen the largest increase in satisfaction are from Chrysler, with Jeep, Dodge and the Chrysler brand all improving their total satisfaction scores.

The highest-ranked brands this year were Lincoln, Lexus, Buick, Subaru, Cadillac, BMW, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota, in that order. Check out full rankings here.

Auto Industry Customer Satisfaction Hits 20-Year High (USA Today)
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By Colin Bird | August 22, 2012 | Comments (2)


This is a sign that the car industry is steadily improving in terms of marketability and salesmanship. Although, I personally see that there is no need for comparison. Nevertheless, the car industry will still pick up the pace of growth for the years to come!

Although the comparison seems a bit awkward, it is still a good sign all in all for the car industry, as what Erwin said. It's a
good way to weigh in what the company needs to improve its marketing strategy and what marketing strats should be further studied for actual application.

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