Audi To Put Rearview Screen Into Production


Sure, a digital display teamed with a rear-mounted camera seems like a logical thing to do, but for the most part a rearview mirror is a better — and much cheaper — option.

Well, when you drive a car with no rear window at all like Audi's upcoming R8 e-tron electric sports car, it's time to go high-tech.

What do you think? Would you be willing to opt for a digital rearview screen if it meant car designs could become more radical?

More pictures below.

Audi Puts e-tron On Le Mans Track
Audi e-Tron Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show
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No! No! No! Bad Volkswagen! You already have enough problems with your onboard electronics and electrical system reliability! The last thing consumers need is a something else to add cost, weight and something else to break in your already spotty reliability and long term durability concern ridden products! This is adding technology and complexity for the sake of adding technology and flexibility. STOP ALREADY!


NO! What happens if the screen fails? What happens if something obscures the camera lens? This is just an accident waiting to happen.


VW/Audi, your cars are awesome . I love everything you make and have always owned one in the 20 years I have been driving. I have never had a problem with a VW that I found was unreasonable. People that live their lives based on consumer reports are living in a bubble. Buy cars because you like diving them.


No, more radical car designs mean even worse visibility than what is out there now which means more claustrophobic inside.


This could be useful in cargo vans with no back windows...


10 years ago, when I lived in Japan, Every car I rode in had this technology installed. It's shocking how far behind we are.


My issues with VW/Audi are all unfortunately first person not from data gleaned from CR. I tried buying 3 Volkswagen products and they've all had electrical and mechanical problems to the point of having to get a new one. Anyone who has bought them and not have had issues,congrats, you're lucky. Google VW/Audi reliability and you'll get an eyeful! Then do the same for Honda/Acura, you'll understand


I would rather have automakers just make cars with bigger windows! Whatever happened to the great visibility of the cars of ten years ago?

Very cool innovation from Audi. I would definitely sport the rearview screen as opposed to the rearview mirror. I'm a window tinter and auto detailer for a living too, and I'm sure many of my customers would love something like this as well.

I have a small auto detailing store and the rearview screen has been a big it, especially for parking purposes.

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