2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid EPA-Rated at 47 MPG

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid


The 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid has an official EPA rating of 47/47 mpg city/highway for a combined score of, you guessed it, 47 mpg.

The C-Max Hybrid will start at $25,995, including a $795 destination fee.

The dedicated hybrid joins what's still a relatively small list of standalone hybrid models that's dominated by four Toyota Prius derivatives and the lowly Honda Insight. The Ford C-Max Hybrid's EPA rating is respectable — it falls behind the Prius hatchback and Prius c — but ahead of the Honda Insight and Toyota Prius v. The Prius v, which Ford says is the C-Max's closest natural competitor, has a EPA score of 44/40 mpg. The regular Prius hatchback gets 51/48 mpg.

It's important to note that the Prius v is significantly larger than the C-Max Hybrid, offering more cargo space; the C-Max Hybrid has a comparable luggage capacity to a regular Prius hatchback. The 2012 Toyota Prius v starts at $27,345, including a $795 destination charge, and the Prius hatchback start at $24,795, including a $795 destination fee.

The Ford C-Max Hybrid is available in SE and SEL trims. A plug-in hybrid model, called the C-Max Energi, is available for $33,745 and is capable of 20 miles purely on electricity. No word yet on the Energi's gas mileage rating. The Ford C-Max Hybrid will go on sale later this fall.

Ford Predicts 47 mpg for C-Max Hybrid 
2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid Priced at $25995 
Ford C-Max Plug-in Travels 20 Miles on Electric Power



This is clearly a reporter that favors Toyota. He failed to mention that the C-Max Hybrid is ahead of the Prius in technology. The electric engine can operate up to 82 MPH far superior to the Prius, plus it gets better mileage. As far as size? The size of the price, C-Max wins! Front headroom, C-Max wins! Rear headroom, C-Max wins! Front hip room, C-Max wins!Total interior volume, C-Max wins! The C-Max has a wider trac and is taller. Toyota did make the first cheap Hybrids with the Prius and anyone that has driven one knows you got what you paid for. The Prius is known for a cheap interior and not a very comfotable vehicle. The C-Max is very comfortable and drives exceptionally well. Start giving the American car companies credit whe they deserve it. Don't blow off a great achievement by an Amrican car company as you did in this article! as you did in this article!


I read the same article and there is nothing to indicate that the writer favors the Prius. It is a fact that the Prius V is larger than the C-Max. The C-Max is slightly larger than the Prius Hatchback. How do you know that the C-max is comfortable to drive when it is not available yet? Unless you work for Ford. You are the one that is showing a lot of bias toward the C-max.

I owned the 2008 Prius and just traded it in for a new 2012 Prius V. I like the Cmax and considering buying it for my wife when it comes out in 2013. Yes, I will buy it over the Prius Hatchback because it is American design/made and Ford has shown that their hybrid cars are also very reliable.


I test drove the 2013 Prius V, the 2013 C Max.
The clear winner in overall performance, e.g. acceleration, comfort, looks, fun to drive etc. was the Ford C Max.. Hands down, not even close. The Ford blows the doors off the Toyota. Also the looks of the Ford Cmax are SOOO much classier and massive. Not even a close or hard decision. Ford wins !!


The C-max EPA rating of 47/47/47 is grossly overexaggerated. Their Energi (plugin C-max) is rated at 44/41 when on gas only which is about what the regular c-max should be rated as well, but isn't.

40.8MPG real world average for the C-max, 42.4MPG real world average for the Prius V on Fuelly. On the government site 'Fueleconomy', the real world average from users who submitted MPG: C-max: 39.1MPG Prius V: 43MPG.

The EPA is now looking into the possible false MPG claims after Consumer Reports reported a much lower MPG from their tests.

Troy S.

After testing by independent magazines, the Cmax is failing to live up to the MPG claims by Ford. So is the Fusion hybrid. This reminds me of when GM's CEO was touting the Volt's 268 MPG rating.

I think if the vehicle offers above average fuel economy, space and abilities then a couple of MPG of the manufacturer rating will still be ok....so long as you're not Hyundai.

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